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JustNewListings.com was at the forefront of  utilizing a hands-off model (HOM) of real estate that is revolutionizing the process of buying and selling real estate by empowering and informing the consumer. The HOM is a tool that is truly the most efficient way of doing real estate. Most internet savvy consumers who want to buyArlington VA real estate, Fairfax County real estate, Prince William county real estate, McLean VA real estate, Alexandria VA real estate, Annandale Virginia real estate, Vienna VA or in Clarendon VA and Rosslyn VA spend several months informing and educating themselves on the market. They tend to prefer doing this without weekly contact or input from a realtor.  When they are ready to buy their home, the amount of time they spend actively viewing homes with their realtor is significantly less than the realtor typically spends with their other clients. You, the consumer, become the driving force of your home search allowing you to use the realtor as a consultant. Ultimately, JustNewListings.com allows you to stay informed of the homes you are looking for without a realtor interfering in your life when you are yet many months away from purchasing your dream home.  It is a blessing to the realtor as well in that he/she can provide cutting edge service to many customers simultaneously while spending hands-on time with clients when they are in that final stage of the home buying process. 


Will I get to work with you?


Will I get to work with all of you?  No, many are just curious and want to stay informed on the marketplace.  This is understood from the beginning.  Some of you will get talked into using a friend’s realtor as you get further along in the process.  In that case I’d encourage you to read my article on How to Win Against Multiple Offers and compare what they know to myself.  Then select your realtor based on who is most knowledgeable about contracts and strategy.  Anybody can show you houses and send you listings--although not with the cutting edge tools I offer.  However, it is in writing contracts & understanding nuances of market value, time of year, etc. that the smaller percentage of realtors who pursue excellence passionately separate themselves from the mediocre that constitute the majority of realtors.


And of course, I service the surrounding areas too.  I focus here on niche markets of Arlington VA real estate, Fairfax County real estate, Prince William county real estate Clarendon VA, McLean VA real estate, Vienna VA real estate & Rosslyn VA for the sake of page rankings but feel free to request updates for anywhere in Northern VA, DC or MD.

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