September 2006

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I've noticed an intersting phenomenon this year as far as new listings are concerned. There aren't any! Well, of course, there are new listings...but not nearly as many as there should be. Why? I told a number of people that there would be new inventory in the Fall for us to look at based on experience the last 5 years. The lack of new listings is frustrating to many realtors who are trying to assist people ready to buy Northern Virginia real estate or Washington DC real estate. I've figured it out and recently came across a graph to illustrate. This year when people were aware at the outset that some home values were headed downward or "correcting", many would be home sellers who had plans to sell their homes in the Fall, rushed their homes out to…
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After reading the article feel free to view the current active listings in our area for these "hot searches"--and you'll find the other articles in the overpriced category to be much more humorous and biting so check out the menu bar to the left to access those other posts on overpriced listings:

  • Clarendon Condos 2BR $400,000-650,000
  • Orange Line Condos 1BR $250,000-480,000

    As I've pointed out in detail before (Arlington VA Condo Prices Must Come Down,) there are new kids on the block such as Odyssey and Clarendon 1021 for Arlington Virginia Condos that now offer large rooftop pools with great views of the monuments and Potomac, large exercise rooms (at least 3x larger than other condos) with multiple tv sets or private TVs on the equipment,

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