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The Right Way to Sell Northern Virginia Real Estate in DC Area

Sellers Stop!!!  stop sign virginia real estate

Sellers, the world has changed.  Why are you paying extra to sell your
Northern Virginia real estate using yesterday's methods which are actually more expensive?!?!   The answer is probably that you haven't been researching this intensely as you are too busy.  You do have a life, right?  And I'm sanguine that the "high powered" listing agents whose ads you see all over the place in your Arlington Sun Gazette (insert your own local newspaper) are not telling you how real estate has changed....  In fact they probably don't even know themselves.   And if they did it might make them cry:

Yet they continue to talk you into using themselves to sell their homes for 6%…
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Have you ever noticed the hobby of realtors often seems to be posting or inserting the largest photo of themselves where every they can find a place to do so?  I call it realtor egos run amok.
  In what other professions do business people plaster photos of themselves at every opportunity?  Do you really think your photo is going to get your business surging?  Is it egos gone wild or just some bad judgement?  I think it depends on the realtor. 
    To be fair, I remember when I first got my license.  I thought I was important now that I was one of perhaps 8,000 other realtors in the area now.  I found out I was not.  I was just another independent contractor hungry for business and had nothing to be puffed up about.  One of my first postcards...a…
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Those of you considering buying a home in a competitive market (sellers’ market) know or may have heard how brutal the process can be. In certain markets a buyer can find himself competing against 3-18 other offers for almost any listing that he write on with many of the offers being similar in terms of price. However there are steps you can take to position yourself well to win a bidding war. And the discipline and thoroughness to do so is well worth the effort given the weeks and months of extra labor involved for you and the selling agent (buyer’s agent) that would come if you just wrote standard offers on listings you found appealing.

Before I list the variables to manipulate to your advantage one thing is certain. You need a selling agent with

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Fairfax County Homes0044 The inventory of single family homes for Fairfax Virginia real estate doubled in a short few months during the 1st half of 2006. That was tough for sellers who saw their homes priced at what in their experience was market value languish for months on end never sell after consecutive price drops. Well inventory has almost come back to normal--much of sold although a lot of perhaps was just withdrawn till 2007. However the prices are lower now by about 5% and therefore buyers and sellers should get along better this year. There will be a lot more transactions than 2006 as so many people did not buy yet, and so many homes did not sell yet. But buyers and sellers have come much closer together in their expectations. In fact homes that show very well and are…
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Arlington Condos0043 I noticed many listings had disappeared for which I had found new buyers in the past 2 months. Sure enough the latest data is out and the inventory of Arlington Virginia Condos is almost back to normal from a year ago. That means our inventory correction took a year. Pretty fast correction it seems. The doomsayers in the media who predicted another 20% decline this year in home values across the board are pathetic but make their $$$$ or earn their time in the spotlight through hype and fear-mongering. We went from about 320 condo listings to over 700 and are back where we started. Demand will be high this year since so many 2006 purchaser have yet to buy, but I don't know that condos will appreciate much. However now that they corrected in 2006…
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