April 2007

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It's common knowledge that the market shifted in the last 18 months.  But it's only now that the statistics are verifying some of the price corrections....Many of us on the front lines knew prices in reality were different a long time ago, however this was not being illustrated by the monthly stats as far as the price variable was concerned.   Why not?  Well the stats on price only reflect sold homes.  Thus all the homes that
  1. did not sell,
  2. rented
  3. expired
  4. or were withdrawn due to not being able to get a price the owner wanted
did not get factored into selling price statistics the previous year.  Thus the public kept hearing about a buyers' market but the market reports showed no drop in sold prices.  Lesson--the stats on a…
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Luxury Home Trends for Northern Virginia Real Estate

[this article is the April Home Essentials Newsletter from HouseValues.com.  If you'd like to receive their monthly newsletter which is interesting about half the time, then let me know through my contact form at top menu bar and I'll sign you up--or I'll send the invitation you'll have to reply to.  If you go to HouseValues directly somebody is paying $75 for your information as a real estate lead and will be calling you.....]

One of the best ways to update your home and ensure a good resale value is to adopt trends from the luxury home market. These cutting edge trends eventually find their way into the new construction market and become mainstream styles. While most households can’t afford in-home

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So I just purchased the latest copy of the Washington Business Journal, and sure enough the article about myself and changes in our industry is mentioned on the front page.  I'm sure more articles are on the way by various media outlets.  Last month it was HGTV wanting a buyer from me for a show they were shooting the next week in the area.  Not necessarily because I'm Mr. Superhero of the real estate world...but I'm working on it.    And my business is exploding.  But rather, I represent the budding of Real Estate 2.0 which is an evolving concept and hard to explain (google real estate 2.0 for more on it...I'll be writing about it as soon as I have time and finish cogitating where it is headed).  One thing is for sure...the winner is the consumer.  And I…
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