May 2007

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The following 2 articles were submitted by a local Northern VA real estate stager after I requested she send me some pieces I could post on the subject.  I've seen how staging impacts buyers and recommend the investment.  If you are using me to list your home I usually pay for the staging services myself as part of my service to you....


Selling your home? Don't leave it empty.

By: D. Malden

Here is the scenario: you have to move next month to a new home in another State.  You hope to sell your existing home quickly but in the interim it will sit on the market desolate.  What to do? You pack up all your things and leave your sale in the hands of your competent Realtor, right?  WRONG!!!

Instead, you need to leave your current

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Real Estate in North Springfield VA & Virginia Homes for Sale

It is generally  known that the North Springfield VA real estate market has been in transition the past 18 months.  How have the Springfield real estate sales fared compared to a year ago and to the rest of Fairfax County.  Have home sales increased?  Have prices come down?  In general the peak of the market for the region was the summer/fall of 2005.  Since then buyers and sellers have been negotiating on what the new market value is of most North Sprinffield VA single family homes.

I live in North Springfield VA and love it.  The lots are larger than some parts of Northern Virginia and it is also quieter.  Residents take pride in their yards and it is very convenient as it's just off of…
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Market Values for Condos in Arlington VA

I've noticed in the last 2 weeks the emergence of a new market value for 1 bedroom condos in Arlington VA on the orange line in Clarendon, Ballston & Courthouse.  What used to be in the low $400,000s may now be worth in the upper $300,000s.  Here are some recent Arlington condo listings--some of them in my favorite buildings such as Continental, Odyssey and 1800 Wilson.

What is interesting is that 2 of them are in Odyssey--in my opinion the premier condo of Arlington VA on the orange line.  Another is in Continental and 1800 Wilson and Clarendon 1021.  These are cutting edge communities and for 4 listings to come out recently under $400,000 in these buildings could be a sign of what I'm expecting--a continued…
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Results of Overpriced Condos in Arlington VA

For would be buyers of Clarendon Condominiums in Arlington read the Ultimate Buyer's Guide.

For the last 6 months I've picked out occassionally (3 or 4 articles) my picks for the latest overpriced condos in Arlington Virginia focussing on the orange line in Clarendon, Ballston and Rosslyn.  The results are in....

Results of 25 "overpriced" condo picks

  • 11 withdrawn
  • 5 Sold on average 8.3% below asking price (5% below list price is the norm from previous months)
  • 8 Active listings
  • 4 of 8 active listings have dropped their price an average of 5% since original list price
I got almost all of them right.  The unit at 1276 Wayne St I had said needed to be decluttered badly. …
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