June 2007

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Clarendon Park, Courthouse Hill, Bromptons and Highgate Townhouses in Arlington

Active luxury townhouse listings in Clarendon & Rosslyn area
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clarendon park townhouse 1


The upper price quartile of price brackets for Clarendon townhouses[this includes the upper quartile of prices for condo/townhouse--they are merged together even though the chart only says "condo median price..."]

 Recently in putting a townhouse under contract in Highgate--a luxury townhouse community in Rosslyn--I had to do some intense analysis of the luxury townhouse market that confirmed my perceptions.  The home was listed at $949,000 which was much lower than the previous sale in the tax records of $963,000 that the type-A classic powerhouse female realtor my senior slapped down in front of me in a face-to-face

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House Bill 3202 to Increase Arlington VA Grantor's Tax

Just received notice of a serious hike in real estate closing costs around the corner depending on when Arlington County decides to enforce the recent passage of House Bill 3202.  This bill permits NVTA (northern virginia transportational authority) to impose a "regional congestion relief fee" of .40 per $100 of sales price to the grantor's tax that is paid by sellers at the closing table.  This essentially increases the grantor's tax about 500%.  That's not cool at all  

Real Estate Closing Costs for Arlington VA

Currently a seller would pay a $500 grantor's tax when selling a $500,000 home.  Well thanks to the Virginia General Assembly that will soon cost Sally Homebuyer $2500.  That's an

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After reading the article feel free to view the current active listings in our area for these "hot searches"--and you'll find the other articles in the overpriced category to be much more humorous and biting so check out the menu bar to the left to access those other posts on overpriced listings.  Also for latest snapshot/discussion of the market see the "market data" tag at bottom of page.

  • Clarendon Condos 2BR $400,000-650,000
  • Orange Line Condos 1BR $250,000-480,000


    There is a lot of talk out there about a buyer's market.  I hear the phrase from condo buyers weekly and need to set the record straight.  In general, for Arlington VA real estate there is definitely not a buyer's market.  However there is a particular price bracket…
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