July 2007

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The Many Woes of Phoenix condo in Clarendon Village of Arlington VA

sun sets on phoenix condo in arlington

As I spent 22 years growing up in a swimming pool in Phoenix I've been looking forward to the delivery of The Phoenix condo for awhile.  While on vacation in July a soon to be owner in the Phoenix Condo at Clarendon Metro emailed asking me if he should take his condo or walk away from his deposit.  Then I got home and another soon to be owner who was scheduled to close the following week called me with the same question.  And he had $24,000 on the table that he was prepared to walk away from.  So persons involved (i.e. those who have put down deposits back when they were sold)  are saying there are serious issues there regarding closings, legal action, appraisals, etc. at The Phoenix.
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Overpriced Arlington VA Condos in Clarendon, Ballston, Courthouse & Rosslyn

If you're considering purchasing a condo in the area  read the Ultimate Guide for Buying Arlington Condos in Clarendon.

[a new overpriced condo listing got emailed to me by my good friend Frank of FranklyRealty.com who is one of smartest realtors I know out there--of course I'm the smartest realtor of all though since a good portion of my readers don't realize that's what I am.  He pointed out a 1BR listing at $499,000 in Clarendon 1021 with 780 square feet #919.  So it's number 8 below on the overpriced condo list.  Anytime any of you are suspicious of overpriced condos send them in and I'll check them out when I can or write me directly.  They have to be very overpriced

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