August 2007

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Arlington County Real Estate Sales Figures

The quarterly reports are for real estate in Arlington, VA.  What do they tell us?  1) real Estate is local 2) the market is humming along strongly with a lot more transactions than 2006.  Generally the median sold price has been down about 7% for the county most of the year.  This graph shows the orange line (2007) below the blue line (2006) almost all year. 
mean sales price 2007 arlington county real estate
Here are the numbers for median sold price since March compared witha a year ago:  March - 0.02 %, April - 7.62 %, May - 8.23 %, June - 6.64 %, July +10.75 %.  I put more faith in a block of months such as a quarter versus one month such as what happened in…
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Top 12 Condos on the Orange Line Metro in Arlington VA

Have you ever tried to come up with a top 5, top 10 or top 25 list?  It's brutal!#!#!@!  It will drive you crazy   I can assure you.  Once you have your picks for whatever list you are constructing you then have to rank them and you go through through the mental triathlon again.  At the end of each year it seems like lots of lists come out that use the formula "Top 10 Xs of 2007" or the "Funniest Yx of 2007" or the "Worst 10 Zs of 2007".  And once in awhile you hear about the "Greatest 100 Rock 'n' Roll Songs of All Time".  Whoever has time to rank those 100 songs must have a boring life to say the least.  I can hardly rank my top 5 movies.

I'm finding so little time to blog anymore so that I'm

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Where Are Those Market Reports and Insights on Winning at Real Estate!##!!!@@!

Some of you wonder who this is self-proclaimed authority on the condo market in Arlington?  Well here's a video that answers some of that question.  I've been mega-busy so I haven't posted much lately.  I'm sorry about that.  With so many subscribers and readers I hate it that I've not been keeping you informed about the marketplace since some interesting stuff has been happening....I promise to get you back on track with latest and greatest right away. 

And I do want to put it out there that I have a super duper important post on the Arlington condo market coming out soon....No it's not a doom and gloom piece at all but will be very helpful to those you gathering info for…
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