November 2007

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Phoenix at Clarendon Metro Condo Delivers Big Time

[note--if you're interested in viewing this building contact me asap and read this article Don't Be a Floater--Buyer Loses $40,000]

After spending a couple of hours at The Phoenix at Clarendon Metro condo I must say it is an impressive condominium.  The Phoenix Condo is shaking things up because it is better than most of the new buildings out there.  Just like 1800 Wilson--a building I liked--which is down to their last 8 2BR units, it will sell consistently through the Spring 2008 and then they'll be all gone.

I'm putting it as my #2 favorite condo now right behind Odyssey.  It has some great features lacking by most buildings including its own Clarendon post office attached to the

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