December 2007

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Do Floaters Pay too Much for their Condos or Real Estate?

In putting together a new overpriced condominium list I came across the sale of a Clarendon / Courthouse area condo on my previous list I wrote in the Summer 2007.  Most of you know I sell a lot of condos--yes I'm a realtor--and pride myself on protecting my client's interests.  Too bad this buyer didn't have a rockin' consultant  looking out for him.  And it's too bad the buyer wasn't reading my blog....pain of overpaying for condomium

Back in July 2007 I posted this article: Latest Overpriced Condos in Clarendon, Courthouse and Ballston -- V.  I try to write these articles semi-regularly; it's just that I'm pretty busy with a lot business, family trips, 4 kids, etc.   So I've just pulled up a new round of overpriced…
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