January 2008

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With the bombardment of the negative real estate news by the media it is hard for consumers to have perspective on the housing market in any area including the Arlington markets in Clarendon, Rosslyn & Courthouse.  Whether it be houses for sale, condos or townhouses it's difficult to have perspective.  It's harder still to not be freaked out as a buyer.

freaking out about real estate


Median price for upper quartile price bracket for 22201

Interestingly enough from looking at median sold prices for detached homes the past 4 months in Arlington (Fall 2007) they tend to be about 10% higher each month than back in 2006--not too shabby.  However each type of home--detached, condominium and townhouse--have to be analyzed separately and even narrowed down to the zip codes.  That's how hyperlocal real estate is in Arlington Virginia or

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