February 2008

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Power of the JustNewListings.com Blog Motivates Builder to Fulfill Obligations to New Condo Owner

I received an email from a colleague awhile back about her client who was being treated quite badly after purchasing a new condo.  I'm leaving all the names out now that the issues have been resolved. 
frustrated condo buyer owner

There were leaking issues, damage to wood floors and granite countertops, and some bait & switch type action by the builder regarding the buyer's parking space, etc.  The builder was being unbelievably unresponsive to meeting their obligations to the new homeowner. 

So we posted a first hand testimonial by the buyer regarding all the above mentioned issues in addition to others.  I optimized the blog post so that when one searched for the condo by name…
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 Thinking about a condo, read the Ultimate Guide for Buying Condos in Clarendon & Ballston.

More Overpriced Condos in Arlington VA

Yes it's time for another look at the latest and greatest overpriced condos in Arlington along the metro at Clarendon, Rosslyn & Ballston.  I usually lump Courthouse into Clarendon to save ink for what's it's worth.  Literally I get asked about when is my new list coming out.  I just get so busy with business & life and sometimes these articles can take 4+ hours to research and write.  So once in awhile I write them.  I keep writing the series for several reasons.  One reason is to keep myself sharp on the market place.  I like to be able to know off the top of my head when I'm showing condos to my clients whether or

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Northern Virginia MLS, Arlington Real Estate, Fairfax, Alexandria Springfield and DC

Which MLS tool is best for empowering consumers to win at real estate in Northern Virginia such as Alexandria, Arlington, Fairfax and Springfield?  I tell people all the time you don't need me to find a home anymore...and I love it!  Probably 1/3 of the people I work with are in complete charge of which homes they want to go view; I show up with the keys.  Often though on the front end I can save a lot of time search wise by hearing what the customer has to say about their preferences for real estate, environment, and features.  Then I narrow it all down for them on the front end.

Which MLS tool is Best???  See Video Demo Below

I've seen lots of them in my

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Clarendon Center Project & Development by Saul Centers Inc.

Can one imagine the Clarendon area being more developed or revitalized?  Well it's happening along the Clarendon Metro.  Arlington County has given Saul Centers Inc. clearance on demolishing most of 2 city blocks adjoining Clarendon Metro and N Highland St....
Read all the details of the Clarendon Center development project on N Highland St such as its retail, timeline & residential parameters & objectives. 

Clarendon Center Project Story

clarendon center development revitalization saul centers inc

Read all the details of this story at The Examiner

What do you think about the Clarendon Center Project???

Good idea, bad idea?  A hassle or exciting?  Will there be condos or apartments?   I'd love to hear your voices on this.  All I know is that

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