March 2008

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The Clarendon Real Estate Listings in Arlington VA by Condo Building

For people considering a purchaser please read my articles for buyers in our market.  It will equip you and is being added to regularly.  And if you are thinking about selling your home this article is imperative with examples of virtual tours, anecdotes, and cold hard facts: Sellers Don't Hire Amateurs to Sell Your Arlington Condo or even better the new Sellers page showing real estate 3.0 and sample virtual tours and info on the discounted commissions for more exposure.

NOTE:  [October 2009--I'm redoing this post and will update the numbers and include a -5% type of insert on the main title for each condo to demonstrate how much the market value changed since March 2008.]

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BS (Bear Stearns) Intervention or No?

Does anybody have any thoughts on this kind of government intervention into financial markets?  Here's a couple clips of the story with link below:
i don't know

"NEW YORK - Wall Street ended a temperamental session widely mixed Monday after investors grappled with JPMorgan Chase & Co.'s government-backed buyout of the stricken investment bank Bear Stearns Cos."

"The buyout of Bear Stearns was certainly more appealing than the alternative: letting the investment bank collapse and causing huge losses for anyone linked to it. And some unprecedented moves by the Federal Reserve gave investors a bit of solace on what many predicted would be a day of precipitous losses in the stock market.

Besides supporting the buyout, the Fed

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Media Predicts 25% Decrease in Arlington Virginia Home Values?

Once in awhile I get so frustrated about the lack of either forthrightness, common sense or expertise demonstrated by various real estate media sources both locally and nationally.  A classic example recently came out in this article in BusinessWeek titled Housing Meltdown.

business week real estate meltdown    It stated that housing prices would come down 25% with some of their sources claiming up to 40%.  Nowhere in the article is any strong point for how hyperlocal real estate is including Arlington real estate for sale.  Such stories are in essence fear mongering & hype when no disclaimers or explanations are given for how the story has almost nothing to do with any particular reader's local real estate market.  

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Recently I received a request for a CMA (competitive market analysis) for a condo in Arlington Virginia.  I was mega busy and did not respond for a good 5 days which is a no no in the Web 2.0 world of Arlington real estate.  Juggling several contracts, an out of town buyer, flat tire, continuing ed, taxes and 3 soon to be 4 kids can do that to you exhaustion in arlington Days later I see the condo listed by another real estate agent.  That's not the end of the world on my end, but I do feel badly for the seller.

Selling Your Arlington Condo--the Good, the Bad & the Ugly

Here are some tips for selecting an agent to sell your condo in Arlington--especially in the clarendon, ballston, courthouse and rosslyn areas. 

  • pretend you're the buyer.  What's your first step in
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