May 2008

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Are you one of those busy types in Clarendon, Fairfax County or Washington DC who often has their voicemail get lost for 2-3 days before you realize there was an important message in there?  If so then CallWave is likely the answer you\'ve been waiting for.  I first heard about it from a fellow real estate blogger Daniel Odio in his post You Can Read Your Voicemail...Using CallWave.

I've decided to add a more stuff to this blog.  Until now I've been pretty disciplined with it being 100% real estate focussed.  Well if it\'s 95% real estate focus I doubt I'll lose many fans.  In the process of the last 2 years and building a 200 page website I've come across some great techie stuff that many people would love to know about.  And I've decided to share the

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Arlington VA Sold Prices for Spring 2008 vs 2007

I thought I'd try to get a quickie market report while I have the chance.  Expecting a baby any day and have been working domestic front 100% as of late while trying to do the same on the real estate side as well.  As you can imagine it cannot be done stressed out  Ironically enough I wrote 2 contracts this week--both at a high class Dairy Queen I'm proud to announce.  But what's better than wrapping up paperwork than enjoying some custom Blizzards paid for by your Virginia real estate consultant?  dairy queen blizzard

On the sold price front for Arlington you can see the changes in price as % for 2008 vs 2007.  The green line represents the entire county of Arlington VA.  Depending on which homes happen to sell in a month the #s can…
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Free MLS "Blidgets" for Your Website, Blog, MySpace or Facebook Profile

I recently started using a great service that allows me to create Arlington MLS (It can be for any area in VA, DC, MD) widgets--called blidgets--that you can take and use on your websites, blogs and social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace or is it My Space?   I guess that makes it obvious which one I use all the time and which one I haven't used.  When you view the blidgets patient as having 2 of them on same webpage causes them to take awhile to fully load up with 100 most recent listing for each niche.

So here are some samples and they can be very "nichey" for whatever area/price of real estate you want to keep up on or offer to your readers.  The…
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