June 2008

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Plenty of Overpriced Condos in Clarendon, Rosslyn & Ballston in Arlington

Yes it's time for another installment of the overpriced condo series.  I have a feeling there will never be a lack of Arlington condos about which to write.  Homeowners tend to be naturally prone to this disorder--OCD--overpriced condo disorder.  Perhaps that will be our new term as an amateur review just placed this blog at #41 on the most popular real estate blogs in the country.  Not too bad considering there are thousands of them now.  So let's get right to business and try to cure some Sellers of their OCD. 

NOTE: This post contains my personal opinions only and does not reflect the opinion of RE/MAX Allegiance and cannot be taken as advice for your particular situation. 

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Foreclosure Supply Quickly Decreases in Northern Virginia in Prince William, Fairfax & Loudon County

I've had a lot of people in interested in foreclosures the past 6 months.  Often people ask me about them when looking for Clarendon real estate and I have to tell them sorry, but they are few and far between on the orange line.  When you compare Arlington to other counties in terms of the # of foreclosures as a percentage of the inventory it's amazing how Arlington VA in practically foreclosure free in comparison.

northern virginia foreclosures

In the past 18 months real estate in Washington DC metro and Northern Virginia went from 87th out of top 100 metropolitan markets up to #22.  So the area ended up with nearly 16,000 foreclosures listings.  Like everything though Virginia

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