August 2008

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Wise to Buy Fredericksburg Real Estate Now or No?

Some might question the wisdom of being a home buyer with the Fredericksburg Virginia real estate market conditions being what they are. Put simply, real estate is a market like any other market and wise and successful investors agree that when most buyers are running away there’s generally a great buying opportunity staring you in the face. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you buy just anything that’s available but by performing research on Fredericksburg or Stafford VA real estate and analysis of various opportunities you can determine the best values with the potential for the greatest return.  And here you can view sample active Fredericksburg VA homes for sale.

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But there’s more to it than just

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Brief History of the Fredericksburg VA Real Estate Market Since 2004

As I'm sure you're aware, property valuations in the Fredericksburg real estate market in Virginia ran up for several years from 2000-2006. Prices reached a peak here in the Fredericksburg VA region in early 2006 and began to come down later in the year. They've been falling continually since then. People who bought Fredericksburg homes for sale at peak values in 2004-2006 have seen their homes devalue significantly and quickly from the prices that they paid for them. Many had mortgages for 100% of the home’s purchase price and frequently at variable interest rates in the expectation that prices would continue to rise. As valuations started to slide downward and interest rates

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Stafford County Real Estate Market:  Park Ridge vs Stafford Lakes Neighborhood Homes for Sale MLS

Are some neighborhoods faring better than others in Stafford County?

August 2008 Everyone is aware that the real estate market in Stafford, Virginia has tanked much as it has in most areas of Northern Virginia and the country. But are all things equal? Have some neighborhoods in the Stafford County real estate and homes for sale fared better than others in terms of the numbers of homes sold, median prices on homes that have sold, and the average number of days it takes to sell? The answer to that question is yes and here’s some data to prove it. First, let’s look at the number of homes sold in Stafford county MLS in Virginia. For the purposes…
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