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I'm thinking about starting a category on cartoons related to RE (real estate) in any way that would of course include juicy political cartoons regardless of whether they lean left or right. 

Here's a start for example. 

financial crisis

Do you have any cartoons to submit to me on the financial markets or real estate in general?

I must say the bullshI** credit rating systems and corruption in the markets makes me angry.  I also hate that the gov is making it happen by affirming to Wall Street there will be no serious consequences if they can't manage themselves.  Free markets don't work with gov bailouts so it's the worst of both worlds with no hardline financial accountability such as being wiped out off the face of the earth.  It's messed up and sickening! 

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The Arlington County Real Estate Market May-August 2008

So what is the latest and the greatest concerning the Arlington real estate markets in terms of homes sales, sold prices and inventory?  Let's take a look.  Some of you may have been wondering why I haven't posted for so long so I'll use bullets to answer that.

(by the way the synopsis of this entire post is at the end of the article for you types who want bottom lines without the details)

  • moving locally
  • 2 days later leaving for 2 weeks in NC meeting with a builder and Myrtle Beach vacation afterwards
  • finding out there was a squatter on 6 acres I purchased last year outside Wilmington who had his horses/fences on my land

horses 635 Governors Rd

  • arriving home to a house full of
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you cant handle the truth about real estate

The Truth About Arlington Real Estate and Listing Agents

What is the truth about Arlington Virginia real estate for sellers?  Are "listing agents" just glorified data entry specialists who are overpaid?  Sad truth is that most are indeed that.  Let's see why....


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