October 2008

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Google Honors JustNewListings.com as an Authority for Arlington & Northern Virginia Real Estate

When you google "arlington virginia condos" not only is my site #1 & 2, but multiple pages are displayed in the search results for you to choose from meaning Google see my site as an authoritative northern virginia real estate site compared to others.

Here are the search engine results for "Arlington Virginia condos" in google:

arlington virginia condos -- google search

Why Does Google Respect the JustNewListings.com Team as a Real Estate Authority?

Almost no other website has the heavy duty content on real estate in Northern Virginia that my website does.   And these articles pretty much tell the story:

  • Overpriced condos series
  • Arlington virginia market reports/commentary
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This is a continuation from What You Need to Know--the Regional Sales Contract for Northern Virginia Real Estate.

My understanding is that the sales contract used to comprise all of 2 pages; now the contract is usually 23+ pages.  Got to love it!  cool smiley face

6. Paragraph 10B covers the appraisal contingency in the contract.  A few years ago this was often crossed out to make contracts more appealing to Sellers when competing against 3-18 other contracts.  Yes I came across 18 offers once back in 2004.  It was nutz!
appraisal clause
These days contracts are just about always contingent on the appraisals.  I've had about 4 appraisals come back low this year creating a bit of drama in the process.  Often appraisals are not accurate and a 2nd appraisal gives a bigger picture.  You…
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One of the most uncomfortable parts of purchasing a home is signing the Northern Virginia real estate regional sales contract.  Allow me to fix that....

Let's go through the contract and quickly cover the parts that matter most to you in advance so you it doesn't feel like a surreal and dangerous event when it comes time to sign on the dotted line so to speak when me make our aggressive offer on your preferred home.

Upside down home owner real estate

 Northern Virginia Regional Sales Contract for Arlington Real Estate, Fairfax, McLean, etc.

First, before we dissect the Virginia regional sales contract and its ancillary forms--perhaps to be saved for a 2nd post--I want to make 2 important points: there is a profound difference between the paper contract and the real world…
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