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BusinessWeek.com reports a looming shift of $1.8 billion in advertisting away from newspapers towards the internet in the next few years. For the next 1-2 years papers shouldn't be hit too hard as the extra inventory gets sold off as investors got out of the market recently by throwing their homes up for sale. Also extra inventory was due to many worrying the value of their home was about to plummet so they put them on the market earlier than they would have. So why this profound change in the industry? Well the most recent poll in January by Realtor.com showed that now 77% of purchasers start their home buying process online--not by picking up the local paper to look for pictures of homes in the newspaper. The article continues, "Indeed, the Net…
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How to Sell an Arlington VA Condo:

So what's the best way to sell a condo in Arlington Virginia real estate?  I think it's pretty simple to figure out.  Pretend you're going to buy a condo in Arlington VA.  Then make sure your condo is found when using the methods for searching for a home employed by buyers in the 21st century. 

Don't get stuck on the idea of photos of your home in the newspaper that make you feel so special, "Look, mom, that's my home in the Arlington Sun Gazette!  Aren't you proud of me, dad?  I'm important now everybody...."  

So who is looking in the Sun Gazette (insert your local community newspaper) to do their home searches?  Probably not the buyers.  But I'm sure other sellers are there looking at their pretty homes.  And
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What is the best way to sell an Arlington VA condo?  Should one hire a "high powered" listing agent you see in the paper to get the job done for 6%?  I think not....
odyssey condo in arlington
station square condo in clarendon

This video starts off megacheesy but gets very respectable.  Just commit to 2 minutes and you'll be good to go....

Live and learn!
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