February 2009

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Disappearing Views for Top Arlington Condos in Clarendon & Ballston

I just went under contract on a 2/2 1150 sq ft condo on the 16th floor in Continental condo in Arlington VA.  One of the issues was the soon to be constructed retail/office buildings across the street.  How high would they be--2 office buildings replacing the Bob Peck Chevrolet & Staples buildings?  Would the buyer's view be obstructed?  We encountered same question at Station Square condo for sale as well with several new buildings well under way so that many units there were also losing their views. These are the types of questions you want to get your own answers for--that is for sure.

Imagine Losing Your Arlington VA Sunset Views From Your Condo?

lost_arlington_virginia_sunset_views_400  wickdgin photo for sale prints,

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The Disturbing Reality of President Obama's Foreclosure Bill/Policy

[for the full editorial by Wall Street Journal click here]

Re-default rates are 55% after six months


President Obama yesterday announced his plan to prevent home foreclosures, saying he wanted to be "very clear about what this plan will not do: It will not rescue the unscrupulous or irresponsible by throwing good taxpayer money after bad loans . . . And it will not reward folks who bought homes they knew from the beginning they would never be able to afford."

obama_housing_stimulus_rescue_359 AP

"We really do wish he were right. In fact, the details released yesterday suggest the President's plan will do all of the above. The plan will help some

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(NOTE--THIS POST WAS REALLY FROM MARCH 2007 SO YOU CAN SKIP IT UNLESS YOU WANT A GOOD LOOK AT THE BUILDING) Sorry about that--the transition to the new website/blog has had a few hiccups.

A bomb of sorts just hit the orange line  Arlington VA condo market.  It's called 1800 WILSON condominium.  Many owners just lost $25,000+ instantly....The good news it's somewhat temporary and only affects knowledgeable buyers so that leaves a  LOT of buyers left for you to sell your condo at the price you had been thinking.  For those buyers "in the know", they will not pay the same for your orange line condo for awhile.  Why?  Because 1800 WILSON condominium just delivered with 25 more units to sell.  Probably many of those are from freaked out investors who backed

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Investor Alert for Arlington Condo Investment Property

Occassionally I stumble across listings that strike me as compelling investment opportunities or good deals for buyers looking for primary residence.  So I've decided to add a category to this blog on just that "Investor Alert / Deal of Week" for occassionally putting these compelling properties out there for you.

compelling_gaze_at_arlington_real_estate_investors_525   So you see this is a compelling gaze at investors to say what are you going to do about it this opportunity.  When I flickered "compelling" I got that and selected it over this for obvious reasons. another_compelling_gaze_240  There is a difference between a compelling gaze and a pshycho gaze you see when it comes to real estate investments....And with the new site I might make it possible to subscribe to an

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