April 2009

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The Latest Examples of Floaters Losing Their Shirts...and Pants



A Couple of Arlington Condo Floater Stories Hit Home

I've written about Virginia real estate floaters in the past.  They go out on their own and buy real estate directly from the builder or through the listing agent instead of having an excellent real estate consultant on their side to protect them financially, negotiate the price down and help them avoid big mistakes.   That's the job of a selling agent which is the technical name of the buyer agent. We don't sell real estate--at least the good ones don't.  We consult and advise our clients--hopefully with the same care and analysis we'd offer to our own mothers.  At least that is the standard I use.  

The woman who inspired this

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 Update on Virginia Short Sales--Good, Bad & Ugly Curveballz!


Quick History of Short Sales in Northern Virginia

 When I first wrote about Northern Virginia short sales October 2007 (scroll to bottom of article for bulleted advice) they truly were the wild wild west of real estate.  I mean seriously there were no rules and the best advice was run like heck away from any and every short sale.  The norm was a desperate seller looking for a guinea pig contract to take to their bank and bef for mercy asking the bank to accept less than the balance on the mortgage note.  The bank would take 4-12 weeks to respond to the contract on the table while the buyer hung in limbo so they could almost always receive a resounding "No!" from the bank.  So the buyer

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