May 2009

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New Luxury Highview ParkTownhouses Hit North Arlington VA Market in Yorktown High School District

A new Arlington Virginia townhouse for sale community called Highview Park townhouse at 2026 Culpeper N just hit the market in North Arlington in the Yorktown High School district homes for sale.  At 1st I thought this was on the east side of Glebe directly north of Ballston Mall and metro.  I was thinking this is crazy and a bomb on the market where the builder is underselling resales in the area because he can.  This happened at 1800 Wilson condo 3 years ago when everything else was on the market for $385,000 they hit the Clarendon real estate for sale market for $350,000.  That post on 1800 wilson has been viewed 22,000 times since....

Here's some photos

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Latest Market Trends for Arlington Virginia Mortgages and Appraisals

Being a real estate blogger I'm on the front end of the market on many fronts.  Telling people towards end of 2005 to NOT BUY ANY new construction Arlington condos was an example as well as my warning that prices would fall big time in North Springfield real estate due to a 40% swell in inventory a couple years ago.  When you blog about the local Northern Virginia real estate market and Arlington you have to stay on top of things.  Not to mention the team has about 6 homes under contract right now so we've got our pulse on the market more so than other realtors.

I've seen a lot of low appraisals this year and a lot of late appraisals as of the last few weeks.  My

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