January 2010

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Surging Ashburn Leesburg Virginia Homes for Sale Transactions Upward & Stabilizing Real Estate Prices

Like the dramatically positive news for northern virginia real estate for sale market data in Q 4 (quarter 4) the greater region of Loudoun County homes for sale was also positive to finish out 2009.


Many will want to pin this increase on demand on the government tax credit that was ending originally ending around Nov, but I would say we can't really know necessarily.   Perhaps prices being 50% lower than just a couple years ago roughly has

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Arlington Virginia Condos and Real Estate = Huge Upsurge in Sales Buyers and Seller Agree on Values


Quick Summary of Market Data for 2009 Arlington Homes Sales

  • # of transactions up dramatically Oct-Nov
  • DOM -- days on market down significantly for Arlington condos and homes for sale
  • # of active listings--inventory--drops significantly
  • all equals robust market to finish out 2009
  • average sale price as a percentage of list price jumped from 92-95% meaning the buyers and sellers are on the same page now more than ever the past few years on the value of the homes for sale

 Days on Market Drop Significantly for 2009 Arlington Real Estate for Sale


Another observation is that the average list price for Oct-Nov comparing 2009 to 2008 is down 7%. 

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