November 2010

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Awesome Map and Icon Based Crime Reports for Arlington Virginia Real Estate

I came across an amazing resource for buyers wanting to know about crime in a particular neighborhood or area of the Arlington Virginia.  I found it at what may be the best Arlington Virginia inside news story blog call Arlnow.  The crime reports of any area are to be found here: Arlington Virginia crime reports.

One neat feature is that it uses google maps and icons for a quick understanding of what the crime was.



One thing that always struck me is that crime happens everywhere in any city; it is not reserved for "those" areas but happens in the "affluent" zips as well.

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The Annual Cycle of Great Falls Virginia Real Estate

One of the standard cycles of real estate is that the Spring market rocks and the much of the rest of the year is slooooow.

slow_real_estate_ahead_sign_470  The market activity along with prices peaks in the Spring and Summer and then slows down almost to a standstill by Dec.  With lower demand is a slight trend downwards of prices as well.

New Real Estate Listings for May, Sept and Nov in Great Falls VA

great_falls_real_estate_listings_decline_2010_428_01  THIS IS FOR THE 1ST-12TH OF THOSE 3 MONTHS.  So we're down to about 3 new listings a week for Great Falls Virginia real estate listings now.  For active buyers who are not sold on any of the inventory out there it is frustrating no doubt.

Bottom Line for Searching for  a Home Now

Since new listings are so few and far between

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