December 2010

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Inventory for Clarendon and Ballston Condos in Arlington Virginia Dries Up

The inventory for the more sought after Clarendon condos for sale has dried up to the point of it being a surreal experience for a buyer agent or buyer in the marketplace.  It is crazy frustrating if you're looking to buy now on the orange line and are shooting for any "good" condo especially for the more sought after buildings.  I work mostly with buyers and half of that are Clarendon area condos; I've never seen such low inventory before that I can recall. 

moving_clarendon_condo_198  Surreal real estate situation bizarre_home_500

Current Inventory for Orange Line Condos in Arlington VA


So there are only 2 listings for the more sought after Arlington condos at 880 Pollard--the hawthorne condo and 1021 Garfield St N

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