January 2011

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 FHA Loans -- Some General History

FHA loans offer several advantages to individuals and families interested in purchasing their first home. Through this federally funded program, consumers have a greater chance to qualify for private mortgage loans. Designed to benefit lower-income households, an FHA loan is a desirable option for first time home-buyers who have limited funds to use as a down-payment. FHA loans are a premium option for first time home-buyers who have acceptable debt-to-income ratios and are in good standing with their credit.

While the FHA loan program has many benefits for home-buyers, it is not the best option for everyone when it comes to mortgage loans. FHA Loans are not suited for higher-priced mortgages. It can also be determined

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Will 2011 Real Estate Sales Outpace 2010 Gains? 

Economic Indicators Show Promising Real Estate Market Numerous economic reports are giving cause for optimism, particularly when it comes to key economic indicators such as jobless claims and home resales. According to reports, U.S home resales increased by more than anticipated in December, while last week’s new jobless claims fell by more than they have for almost a year. Other positive indicators include the fact that mid-Atlantic factory activity has been holding steady. Due to these factors and many more, economists are feeling optimistic about 2011. In fact, many are predicting that 2011 growth will surpass the growth that was seen in 2010. "Most of the reports today were fairly good.



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Bristow Real Estate the Hidden Gem of Value for Northern Virginia

The hidden gem of Northern Virginia truly is Bristow Virginia real estate. Most people don't know about, don't realize how convenient it is and have no clue about the amazing value for Bristow VA homes for sale.  Let me show you some examples.




Bristow VA homes for sale -- active real estate listings MLS


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