February 2011

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How to Protect Your Earnest Money Deposit From Sellers! Great Falls Real Estate

I've recently videoed about a dramatic issue that affects consumers in every niche from Great Falls real estate to Clarendon condos when buying a new home.  Not many buyers--nor their agents!!!--- know the dangers and drama lurking around the corner whenever their earnest money deposit is made quickly after ratifying a contract.  Share with your friends buying any type of Arlington real estate, etc.



This Addendum Will Protect Your $$$$ When Purchasing Great Falls Virginia Real Estate Down to Small Arlington Condos


"The earnest money will be deposited after all parties have signed the home inspection addendum."  This simple Great Falls sales contract addendum will

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How to Get a Better Deal When Buying New Construction Virginia Real Estate

Put Yourself in the Builder's Shoes in Assessing Your Leverage for Negotiating a Lower Price


Whether you're buying real estate in Great Falls VA or a Clarendon condo in Arlington Virginia the issue of leverage in negotiating with builders holds true.  The builder has a $$$ interest in working relationships with influential agents.  You can take advantage of it--see the video for details.

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