May 2011

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Should You Work with Desperate $$$ Real Estate Agents?

This is one of the most uncomfortable issues to consider as a buyer or seller; I think the issue is more relevant on the buyers side though.  Should you work with agents who are not doing a lot of business that might be desperate financially?  If an agent's entire income is from real estate and he only does 6 deals a year how can one count on him being sold out to his fiduciary duties to you the buyer versus trying to close a deal? 

It is a legit question and one that the most effective agents embrace....So let's cover it here shortly in our series of How to Pick a Real Estate Agent.


Jay Seville is owner of Realty and niches in several areas such as Great Falls VA,…
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New Series on Choosing a Real Estate Agent in Great Falls Virginia

This is the first 2 parts of a 6 part video series on the subject of choosing a real estate agent.  Unlike most pathetic attempts to discuss this frankly from a consumer perspective this series will address hard, awkward, techonological and relevant issues to consider when picking an agent to work with. 

Let the fun begin and do share with others....Each video will usually be 1-2 minutes.  So pick which subject interests you and check that one out.  Whether you're searching for Great Falls home or a clarendon condo these issues apply.

General Background Issues and Context for the Choosing an Agent Series


Choosing an Agent Part 2: Experience -- Big Deal of Con Job by Established

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