March 2016

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So you’re wondering about how to have a successful, profitable oceanfront Carolina Beach condos investment property.  You’re searching for an oceanfront vacation rental in Carolina Beach with good cash flow.  And you see lots of oceanfront condos for sale at Carolina Beach and you’re wondering, “How do I know which one is a good investment?  How do I know which is a bad investment?”


And I worked a ton with investors the last few years here in Carolina beach.  Our office is based down at Carolina Beach.  And through a lot of networking, asking hard questions, researching, building reserves of different communities, I’ve got a succinct formula for you of how to have a successful beach rental in Carolina Beach.

Number one, you want it

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Trends on ICW Front Homes in Wilmington NC

Most high price ICW front homes in Wilmington do not sell.  They expire or are withdrawn.  Why?

This video goes into depth on market values and the intracoastal waterway niche of real estate in the area. 



So, why aren’t more of these high-end luxury waterfront homes for sale in Wilmington selling, the intracoastal waterfront real estate in Wilmington, North Carolina?  For every 10 that list, about 8 are being canceled, withdrawn or expiring.  What’s with their market?  Do we have a weak sauce market?  What’s going on?  Who are these buyers and what are their motivations and why are they stingy?  Or does our market just stink, you know?  What’s going on?  And if you’re a buyer, how do

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