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Buying Foreclosures If you are looking for a way to get a great deal on a new house, you may want to consider purchasing a foreclosure. After all, it is no secret that foreclosures are typically priced at well below the price of comparable homes on the market. Still, before you get your heart set on saving a bunch of money with the help of a foreclosure purchase, it is important to learn a bit more about the process of buying foreclosures. Whether looking for Colorado condos, or a new home in Great Falls Virginia, you can be sure to get the best deal possible and to be happy with the end results.


Many people fail to realize that there are actually various stages of foreclosure during which you may purchase a home. Depending on the stage of

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Clarendon Condo Sales Explode and Prices do the "Spring Bump"

I write regularly about how the best time to buy...if the home you want it avail is mid-Nov to end of January as the prices go up in the Spring.  That trend for Arlington Virginia condos has begun.


If you generically google "best time of the year to buy a condo" a piece I wrote about 5 years ago is still #2 in the search results.  Cool.

# of Pending Clarendon Condo Contracts Jumps Bigtime


So condos under contract have gone from 24 to 52 from February 2012 to March 2012.  Most contracts I've written and negotiated for buyers in Arlington VA have involved multiple offers against competing buyers.  This is why it is critical to have an agent that knows how to win against competing offers. 

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The Open House Issue from Lakewood Ranch Country Club East to Great Falls Virginia

Guest Post by Marc Rasmussen: 

Many home sellers automatically assume that their realtor will be holding one or several open houses as part of the marketing strategy to sell their home in Great Falls Virginia. In fact, most sellers become frustrated if their realtor doesn't schedule at least one open house shortly after they sign with the agent and the home is listed on the market. But if a home owner is wondering, why isn't my realtor doing open houses, it may simply be because the realtor is a savvy professional who knows that doing open houses does little to help sell the property. Research proves that open houses are responsible for only one in every hundred home

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The Bottom for Great Falls VA Real Estate was 2011

I thought it would be worth pointing out that prices in Great Falls have bottomed out in my opinion.   The biggest correction of course was in the upper quartile as you see from the graph below.  But once it corrected it's been flat ever since.  I would add the other quartiles but they are as flat as the median prices so no need to have too many lines on the graph.  Busy charts are distracting. 



And we see January off to good start with more Great Falls homes for sale closing or fully under contract than past few years.  Any fence sitters...I'm not saying the prices are about to rise.  But I don't see them falling anymore . 

What Really Matters More than the Market Trends for Great Falls Real

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What You Should Know About Home Inspections Great Falls Virginia

Getting a home inspection is an essential part of the home buying process. With the help of a home inspection, you can have a clear idea of the condition of the property so you can better determine its worth. Furthermore, the information you obtain through your home inspection can provide you with valuable information that can be used to help negotiate a lower price on the home. Still, whether looking at Bethesda homes for sale or at places in Arlington, you should learn more about the process and what you should expect from a home inspection.


Quality is Key for Inspecting Great Falls VA Homes for Sale

To obtain a thorough and accurate home inspection, be sure to hire a qualified…
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The Courthouse Auction Scam for Buyers, RealtyTrac and Great Falls Virginia Foreclosures



The Courthouse Auction Myth -- Fairfax County and Northern Virginia Great Falls Foreclosures 

Jay Seville: Hi, I’m Jay Seville, owner of Just New realty and this morning I’m on the way to the Courthouse for an auction in Fairfax, Virginia. I'm going to look around about six properties that are scheduled to be auctioned according to the information in RealtyTrac. Now, what I’m wanting to find out is how accurate or bogus the Realty Track information is, whether the whole auction scenario is just a time sky. I think that buyers are often mislead or deceived by or whether it’s a viable opportunity for regular buyers, people who are looking to buy

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Find an Agent That Knows How to Win Against Multiple Offers for Arlington Condos

Often the best Arlington condos for sale in Clarendon are going to get multiple offers the first week.  Does your agent have the instincts to know it when showing you the home? Does the agent know how to win most of the time against competing offers?  Does he or she have the authority in Arlington Virginia real estate to crush the competition?



Winning Against Multiple Offers in Real Estate - Best Agents Usually Win

Does your agent know how to win against competing offers? So, often in Arlington real estate even two weeks after a home has been on the market or two months for that matter you have two or three competing offers.

No, the best agents have done so

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Does Technology Make A Significant Difference in Great Falls VA Real Estate? Are Dinosaur Realtors Effective?

Real estate technology and the use thereof is absolutely critical in buying a home today and I'll prove it below with various scenarios.  Of course older agents can offer the best services...but like younger agents most do not and here's why:

Examples of Technology Making a Difference When Buying a Home

And finally another issue to go into is technology. Now, most cutting edge realtors I call them 2.0 or 3.0 realtors, they have a tools to make you more effective in the market place. You might think of you’re just being unfair to the dinosaur agents out there. Hard wash, many of those dinosaur agents who we see in the newspaper everyday are

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