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Instincts in Great Falls Real Estate--Choosing an Effective Agent Part IV

This issue has to do with the agent being able to warn you while showing homes which ones will go quickly and whether you can find something better in this location and price or is this as good as it gets. This expertise can save you months in your home search and keep you grounded with realistic expectations.

Examples of How Agent Instincts of Market Helps you When Searching for Great Falls Home for Sale

Fingers on the pulse of the market place...the best agents are doing so much business showing so many properties or listing so many homes that their fingers are on the pulse of the market place. They know right away when they are showing property to you, they know if

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Should You Work with Desperate $$$ Real Estate Agents?

This is one of the most uncomfortable issues to consider as a buyer or seller; I think the issue is more relevant on the buyers side though.  Should you work with agents who are not doing a lot of business that might be desperate financially?  If an agent's entire income is from real estate and he only does 6 deals a year how can one count on him being sold out to his fiduciary duties to you the buyer versus trying to close a deal? 

It is a legit question and one that the most effective agents embrace....So let's cover it here shortly in our series of How to Pick a Real Estate Agent.


Jay Seville is owner of Realty and niches in several areas such as Great Falls VA,…
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New Series on Choosing a Real Estate Agent in Great Falls Virginia

This is the first 2 parts of a 6 part video series on the subject of choosing a real estate agent.  Unlike most pathetic attempts to discuss this frankly from a consumer perspective this series will address hard, awkward, techonological and relevant issues to consider when picking an agent to work with. 

Let the fun begin and do share with others....Each video will usually be 1-2 minutes.  So pick which subject interests you and check that one out.  Whether you're searching for Great Falls home or a clarendon condo these issues apply.

General Background Issues and Context for the Choosing an Agent Series


Choosing an Agent Part 2: Experience -- Big Deal of Con Job by Established

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Market Update on Clarendon Condos for Sale in Arlington Virginia


Details on Arlington VA condo Market Trends-- Prices in Rosslyn Clarendon and Ballston



For the classic Ultimate Guide to Buying a Clarendon Condo in Arlington click here 

Jay Seville:  Hi, I’m Jay, the owner of Just New realty. And I thought I’ll give you an update on the Arlington, Virginia condo market and particular, in particular the Orange Line, the Ballston, Clarendon Courthouse, Rosslyn Orange Line condo niche. Now if you Google Arlington, Virginia condos, I’m number one and if you Google something even more nichey such as Clarendon condos Arlington real estate, I’m probably number one, two and three in Google as I also have the other website,…
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Great Falls Virginia Home Prices Drop and While New Real Estate Contracts Surge Upwards


Smaller Home Sizes for Great Falls Real Estate and Fewer Bathrooms

Jay Seville:  Hi, I’m Jay Seville, owner of Just New realty had a branched off from Remax a year ago and brought my team with me to open my own company. And things have been going pretty well, 38 transactions last year. I wanted to give you a big update on the Great Falls Virginia real estate market. It’s been a few month since I looked at it this in depth for you and we’re trying to be better each week when the short video blog on the New Listings coming out et cetera. I think this home right here epitomizes what Great Falls Virginia is all about. Some of the most beautiful homes in

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Most Expensive Great Falls Virginia Real Estate Primary School-- Great Falls Elementary

Most residents of Nothern Virginia know the most expensive real estate is generally found in Great Fall.  You can see by the graph that as of March 2011 the median list price there was $1,400,000. 


However there are 3 public elementary schools in the area.  Which elementary school is most expensive to get into? 

Great Falls Elementary School is Most Expensive

  1. Great Falls Elementary homes -- $1,922,000
  2. Forestville Elementary -- $1,546,000
  3. Colvin Run Elementary -- $1,311,000

You can always follow the latest and greatest on Great Falls real estate news at this tag.


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 Arlington Virginia Condos and FHA loans Clarendon

FHA loans offer several advantages to individuals and families interested in purchasing their first home. Through this federally funded program, consumers have a greater chance to qualify for private mortgage loans. Designed to benefit lower-income households, an FHA loan is a desirable option for first time home-buyers who have limited funds to use as a down-payment. FHA loans are a premium option for first time home-buyers who have acceptable debt-to-income ratios and are in good standing with their credit.

While the FHA loan program has many benefits for home-buyers, it is not the best option for everyone when it comes to mortgage loans. FHA Loans are not suited for higher-priced mortgages. It can

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Prices Drop 12.5% and 17% for Turnberry Tower Condos for Sale Arlington


Those of you who have followed my blog and humble real estate career for some time know that I sell a lot of new construction condos and am passionate about protecting new construction buyers from overpaying.  I have countless examples of my buyers getting deals much better than other floaters paid on their own by dealing with the builder directly.  In fact if you want to LOSE MONEY go buy a condo directly from a builder.  It's truly one of the stupidest moves a buyer can make--why would a builder be motivated to give you the best price?  This video explains how to leverage the builder's motivations $$$ effectively to your benefit.


Turnberry Tower Prices Dropped

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How to Protect Your Earnest Money Deposit From Sellers! Great Falls Real Estate

I've recently videoed about a dramatic issue that affects consumers in every niche from Great Falls real estate to Clarendon condos when buying a new home.  Not many buyers--nor their agents!!!--- know the dangers and drama lurking around the corner whenever their earnest money deposit is made quickly after ratifying a contract.  Share with your friends buying any type of Arlington real estate, etc.



This Addendum Will Protect Your $$$$ When Purchasing Great Falls Virginia Real Estate Down to Small Arlington Condos


"The earnest money will be deposited after all parties have signed the home inspection addendum."  This simple Great Falls sales contract addendum will

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How to Get a Better Deal When Buying New Construction Virginia Real Estate

Put Yourself in the Builder's Shoes in Assessing Your Leverage for Negotiating a Lower Price


Whether you're buying real estate in Great Falls VA or a Clarendon condo in Arlington Virginia the issue of leverage in negotiating with builders holds true.  The builder has a $$$ interest in working relationships with influential agents.  You can take advantage of it--see the video for details.

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