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 FHA Loans -- Some General History

FHA loans offer several advantages to individuals and families interested in purchasing their first home. Through this federally funded program, consumers have a greater chance to qualify for private mortgage loans. Designed to benefit lower-income households, an FHA loan is a desirable option for first time home-buyers who have limited funds to use as a down-payment. FHA loans are a premium option for first time home-buyers who have acceptable debt-to-income ratios and are in good standing with their credit.

While the FHA loan program has many benefits for home-buyers, it is not the best option for everyone when it comes to mortgage loans. FHA Loans are not suited for higher-priced mortgages. It can also be determined

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Will 2011 Real Estate Sales Outpace 2010 Gains? 

Economic Indicators Show Promising Real Estate Market Numerous economic reports are giving cause for optimism, particularly when it comes to key economic indicators such as jobless claims and home resales. According to reports, U.S home resales increased by more than anticipated in December, while last week’s new jobless claims fell by more than they have for almost a year. Other positive indicators include the fact that mid-Atlantic factory activity has been holding steady. Due to these factors and many more, economists are feeling optimistic about 2011. In fact, many are predicting that 2011 growth will surpass the growth that was seen in 2010. "Most of the reports today were fairly good.



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Bristow Real Estate the Hidden Gem of Value for Northern Virginia

The hidden gem of Northern Virginia truly is Bristow Virginia real estate. Most people don't know about, don't realize how convenient it is and have no clue about the amazing value for Bristow VA homes for sale.  Let me show you some examples.




Bristow VA homes for sale -- active real estate listings MLS


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Inventory for Clarendon and Ballston Condos in Arlington Virginia Dries Up

The inventory for the more sought after Clarendon condos for sale has dried up to the point of it being a surreal experience for a buyer agent or buyer in the marketplace.  It is crazy frustrating if you're looking to buy now on the orange line and are shooting for any "good" condo especially for the more sought after buildings.  I work mostly with buyers and half of that are Clarendon area condos; I've never seen such low inventory before that I can recall. 

moving_clarendon_condo_198  Surreal real estate situation bizarre_home_500

Current Inventory for Orange Line Condos in Arlington VA


So there are only 2 listings for the more sought after Arlington condos at 880 Pollard--the hawthorne condo and 1021 Garfield St N

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Awesome Map and Icon Based Crime Reports for Arlington Virginia Real Estate

I came across an amazing resource for buyers wanting to know about crime in a particular neighborhood or area of the Arlington Virginia.  I found it at what may be the best Arlington Virginia inside news story blog call Arlnow.  The crime reports of any area are to be found here: Arlington Virginia crime reports.

One neat feature is that it uses google maps and icons for a quick understanding of what the crime was.



One thing that always struck me is that crime happens everywhere in any city; it is not reserved for "those" areas but happens in the "affluent" zips as well.

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The Annual Cycle of Great Falls Virginia Real Estate

One of the standard cycles of real estate is that the Spring market rocks and the much of the rest of the year is slooooow.

slow_real_estate_ahead_sign_470  The market activity along with prices peaks in the Spring and Summer and then slows down almost to a standstill by Dec.  With lower demand is a slight trend downwards of prices as well.

New Real Estate Listings for May, Sept and Nov in Great Falls VA

great_falls_real_estate_listings_decline_2010_428_01  THIS IS FOR THE 1ST-12TH OF THOSE 3 MONTHS.  So we're down to about 3 new listings a week for Great Falls Virginia real estate listings now.  For active buyers who are not sold on any of the inventory out there it is frustrating no doubt.

Bottom Line for Searching for  a Home Now

Since new listings are so few and far between

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Latest Great Falls Virginia Real Estate Listings--Observations

Every other week or so I like to introduce new real estate listings in Great Falls Virginia.  So here you go.

Transcription of 8-25-2010 Great Falls Listings


New Great Falls Listings and Deciding How Much to Offer on New Listing Realty Inc.

Jay: Hey everybody it’s Jay again, the owner of Realty. I’m back to go over this week’s new listings in Great Falls, Virginia. And what I thought I would do, I’m going to use this post as a guest blog with a realtor down in Miami. I put a focus on the topic of running numbers, crunching the numbers. How do you decide what the initial offer will be on the home that you find when you get that far in

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How Do You Decide How Much to Offer on an Arlington Virginia Condo


Crunching the Numbers on a Clarendon 1021 Condo in Arlington Virginia  -- from $475,00 List Price to a $410,000 offer



Due to technical problems the video is temporarily not showing up correctly so click here to view video on how to decide how much to offer on an Arlington Virginia condo in Clarendon.

More info and changing the price on Clarendon 1021 Condo ....

I received input from the listing agent to the effect that the selling points of the unit are better than I first observed--the patio photo doesn't do it justice:

"a feature that sets this condo apart from any other in the building-the 10x12 private outdoor patio-its connection to the courtyard and gated street

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Are Miami Condos for Sale Prices Going Up?

The question that I get asked most often as a Realtor is "do I think prices are going any lower?". We are in the middle of an economic recovery and although there exists some possibility of a "double dip" I think that for those parts of the country where prices have fallen the most (California, Vegas, Phoenix, Miami) prices of "affordable" properties have hit bottom and have already started to head higher.


Foreign Investors and Miami Florida Condo Listings Sales

I specialize in Miami condo sales and I can say that prices would have fallen a lot further had it not been for the increase in Latin American wealth coupled with the decline of the US dollar. Europeans and Latin Americans view Miami as a

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The Latest Great Falls Virginia Real Estate Listings and Foreclosures

This will be the start of a new series on Great Falls Virginia real estate listings and foreclosure listings that come on market each week.  Confession: this first one is too long.  But I'll be shorterning them in the future.  There is a lot of info and analysis in this video and anybody considering high end purchase will benefit from viewing.

Also we will take one of the listings to run numbers on for the sake of demonstrating how to arrive at what your initial offer price would be in making an offer on a Great Falls VA home for sale.  This will develop the eye or vision of an aggressive selling agent aka known as buyer agent.  It is far too easy to overpay in Langley High School

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