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Awesome Map and Icon Based Crime Reports for Arlington Virginia Real Estate

I came across an amazing resource for buyers wanting to know about crime in a particular neighborhood or area of the Arlington Virginia.  I found it at what may be the best Arlington Virginia inside news story blog call Arlnow.  The crime reports of any area are to be found here: Arlington Virginia crime reports.

One neat feature is that it uses google maps and icons for a quick understanding of what the crime was.



One thing that always struck me is that crime happens everywhere in any city; it is not reserved for "those" areas but happens in the "affluent" zips as well.

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2010 Northern Virginia Real Estate Market Goes Wild



Northern Virginia real estate data for Fairfax, Arlington, Clifton, Alexandria, Falls Church and Vienna

The big picture on Northern Virginia market are the following:

  • months supply is down another 11% to 3.94 months--crazy low! 
Below 5 or 6 and the market is unbalanced.  That is why there are so many multiple offer scenarios when writing contracts to purchase northern virginia homes for sale in Fairfax county area and beyond
  •  DOM (days on market) is down 47%.

It takes about half as long to sell a home than it did a year ago.

  • median sales price is up 7.73% and average sales price is up 10.43% for the area

Arlington Virginia Real Estate homes for sale 2010 market data


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Critical Resources for Buyers and Sellers of Arlington VA Condos and Northern Virginia Homes for sale



  1. Recently sold Virginia homes for sale listings for any listing neighborhood you are viewing in right column--see this example: 1012 Quantico St n Arlington Virginia 22205 Madison Manor Notice in right column are recent sales for that neighborhood and how much the home closed for and when!
  2. Overpriced Arlington condo series -- now that prices have come down for Arlington Virginia Condos for sale it is written infrequently.  But it does show the mentality of the team--to protect you the buyer.
  3. Ultimate Guide for
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Latest Market Trends for Arlington Virginia Mortgages and Appraisals

Being a real estate blogger I'm on the front end of the market on many fronts.  Telling people towards end of 2005 to NOT BUY ANY new construction Arlington condos was an example as well as my warning that prices would fall big time in North Springfield real estate due to a 40% swell in inventory a couple years ago.  When you blog about the local Northern Virginia real estate market and Arlington you have to stay on top of things.  Not to mention the team has about 6 homes under contract right now so we've got our pulse on the market more so than other realtors.

I've seen a lot of low appraisals this year and a lot of late appraisals as of the last few weeks.  My

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The Latest Examples of Floaters Losing Their Shirts...and Pants



A Couple of Arlington Condo Floater Stories Hit Home

I've written about Virginia real estate floaters in the past.  They go out on their own and buy real estate directly from the builder or through the listing agent instead of having an excellent real estate consultant on their side to protect them financially, negotiate the price down and help them avoid big mistakes.   That's the job of a selling agent which is the technical name of the buyer agent. We don't sell real estate--at least the good ones don't.  We consult and advise our clients--hopefully with the same care and analysis we'd offer to our own mothers.  At least that is the standard I use.  

The woman who inspired this

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 Update on Virginia Short Sales--Good, Bad & Ugly Curveballz!


Quick History of Short Sales in Northern Virginia

 When I first wrote about Northern Virginia short sales October 2007 (scroll to bottom of article for bulleted advice) they truly were the wild wild west of real estate.  I mean seriously there were no rules and the best advice was run like heck away from any and every short sale.  The norm was a desperate seller looking for a guinea pig contract to take to their bank and bef for mercy asking the bank to accept less than the balance on the mortgage note.  The bank would take 4-12 weeks to respond to the contract on the table while the buyer hung in limbo so they could almost always receive a resounding "No!" from the bank.  So the buyer

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The Disturbing Reality of President Obama's Foreclosure Bill/Policy

[for the full editorial by Wall Street Journal click here]

Re-default rates are 55% after six months


President Obama yesterday announced his plan to prevent home foreclosures, saying he wanted to be "very clear about what this plan will not do: It will not rescue the unscrupulous or irresponsible by throwing good taxpayer money after bad loans . . . And it will not reward folks who bought homes they knew from the beginning they would never be able to afford."

obama_housing_stimulus_rescue_359 AP

"We really do wish he were right. In fact, the details released yesterday suggest the President's plan will do all of the above. The plan will help some

5,698 Views, 9 Comments. reports a looming shift of $1.8 billion in advertisting away from newspapers towards the internet in the next few years. For the next 1-2 years papers shouldn't be hit too hard as the extra inventory gets sold off as investors got out of the market recently by throwing their homes up for sale. Also extra inventory was due to many worrying the value of their home was about to plummet so they put them on the market earlier than they would have. So why this profound change in the industry? Well the most recent poll in January by showed that now 77% of purchasers start their home buying process online--not by picking up the local paper to look for pictures of homes in the newspaper. The article continues, "Indeed, the Net…
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Good Times for Real Estate Investment Properties in Northern Virginia Arlington

For the past 5 years it has been next to impossible for true real estate investors to come out with positive cash flow for their real estate investments by renting out the property.  That has changed now and the opportunities for good real estate investments are abundant in Northern Virginia and Arlington, VA.  Let\'s quickly look at an example.

This morning I came across a brand new foreclosure in Arlington. It\'s a 2BR at The Carlton with 1100 sq ft.  It\'s located in Arlington and is about a 7 minute drive to Clarendon or 10 min to 395.  The list pricei is $160,000.  If you put down 20% you end up with about a $920 monthly payment.  Add the $542 condo fee and you end up

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One of the most uncomfortable parts of purchasing a home is signing the Northern Virginia real estate regional sales contract.  Allow me to fix that....

Let's go through the contract and quickly cover the parts that matter most to you in advance so you it doesn't feel like a surreal and dangerous event when it comes time to sign on the dotted line so to speak when me make our aggressive offer on your preferred home.

Upside down home owner real estate

 Northern Virginia Regional Sales Contract for Arlington Real Estate, Fairfax, McLean, etc.

First, before we dissect the Virginia regional sales contract and its ancillary forms--perhaps to be saved for a 2nd post--I want to make 2 important points: there is a profound difference between the paper contract and the real world…
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