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The Great Falls Virginia real estate listings category will provide weekly analysis and commentary on the niche great falls va homes for sale market.  One of its appeals is the high demand Langley High School district.

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Latest Great Falls Virginia Real Estate Listings--Observations

Every other week or so I like to introduce new real estate listings in Great Falls Virginia.  So here you go.

Transcription of 8-25-2010 Great Falls Listings


New Great Falls Listings and Deciding How Much to Offer on New Listing Realty Inc.

Jay: Hey everybody it’s Jay again, the owner of Realty. I’m back to go over this week’s new listings in Great Falls, Virginia. And what I thought I would do, I’m going to use this post as a guest blog with a realtor down in Miami. I put a focus on the topic of running numbers, crunching the numbers. How do you decide what the initial offer will be on the home that you find when you get that far in

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The Latest Great Falls Virginia Real Estate Listings and Foreclosures

This will be the start of a new series on Great Falls Virginia real estate listings and foreclosure listings that come on market each week.  Confession: this first one is too long.  But I'll be shorterning them in the future.  There is a lot of info and analysis in this video and anybody considering high end purchase will benefit from viewing.

Also we will take one of the listings to run numbers on for the sake of demonstrating how to arrive at what your initial offer price would be in making an offer on a Great Falls VA home for sale.  This will develop the eye or vision of an aggressive selling agent aka known as buyer agent.  It is far too easy to overpay in Langley High School

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The Slowest of All Real Estate Listings in Northern Virginia is Great Falls VA

In writing a piece on Arlington county real estate sales comparing zip codes to each other I noticed that Fairfax County and especially Prince William county listings were selling much more quickly in terms of days on market (DOM).  I suspected the slooooowest sales of all would be Great Falls Virginia real estate listings.  Sure enough my instincts were correct.

days on market great falls virginia

200% Longer to Sell Great Falls Virginia Real Estate

The days on market using past 3 months of data demonstrate an extreme contrast or disconnect of homes sales in Great Falls versus the rest of Northern Virginia.  Is this alarming and saying something negative aobut Great Falls real estate?


The big $$$

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New Great Falls Virginia Real Estate Listings Drop Significantly in Summer

As I have several clients buying homes in the Great Falls Virginia real estate market my fingers are on the pulse of the marketplace.  I run comps regulary for different Great Falls homes for sale and monitor the latest listings with the intention of being the first buyer to view the new listings so we can negotiate without competing offers.  This means manually checking for new Great Falls VA homes for sale daily.

One thing I've noticed in particular is that the new listings have been decreasing each month and we are frustrated at the lack of new homes to view.


Graph of New Great Falls homes for sale entering marketplace

great falls real estate slowdown in listings 

Is this trend anything dramatic or

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The Latest and Greatest of Great Falls Virginia real estate market listings

If you're not into reading and viewing the graphs in the earlier blog post on the real estate market in Great Falls Virginia then this quickie video with college football briefly thrown into the mix for good measure will get you up to speed as a consumer and the enonomic forces at play.

Market Udpate Video on Homes for Sale in Great Falls VA





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Great Falls Virginia Real Estate Bumps Up in 2010

Great Falls Virginia homes for sale are the most expensive in Northern Virginia.  There are some amazing estates there.  But it is interesting that just around corner can be a old dilapidated house as well.  But for the most part homes are big and come with lots of a half acre and greater.


The big question is whether all these gains were astroturf--manipulated by the tax credit and very temporary--or real and indicative of a true market shift.  As a broker who mostly works with buyers negotiating prices down I'm a cynic and skeptical.  Each purchase and assessment on homes my clients are interested in is case by case though.  With so many homes under contract I'm not the typical desperate agent, but

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