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Clarendon Condo Sales Explode and Prices do the "Spring Bump"

I write regularly about how the best time to buy...if the home you want it avail is mid-Nov to end of January as the prices go up in the Spring.  That trend for Arlington Virginia condos has begun.


If you generically google "best time of the year to buy a condo" a piece I wrote about 5 years ago is still #2 in the search results.  Cool.

# of Pending Clarendon Condo Contracts Jumps Bigtime


So condos under contract have gone from 24 to 52 from February 2012 to March 2012.  Most contracts I've written and negotiated for buyers in Arlington VA have involved multiple offers against competing buyers.  This is why it is critical to have an agent that knows how to win against competing offers. 

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Market Update on Clarendon Condos for Sale in Arlington Virginia


Details on Arlington VA condo Market Trends-- Prices in Rosslyn Clarendon and Ballston



For the classic Ultimate Guide to Buying a Clarendon Condo in Arlington click here 

Jay Seville:  Hi, I’m Jay, the owner of Just New realty. And I thought I’ll give you an update on the Arlington, Virginia condo market and particular, in particular the Orange Line, the Ballston, Clarendon Courthouse, Rosslyn Orange Line condo niche. Now if you Google Arlington, Virginia condos, I’m number one and if you Google something even more nichey such as Clarendon condos Arlington real estate, I’m probably number one, two and three in Google as I also have the other website,…
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Great Falls Virginia Home Prices Drop and While New Real Estate Contracts Surge Upwards


Smaller Home Sizes for Great Falls Real Estate and Fewer Bathrooms

Jay Seville:  Hi, I’m Jay Seville, owner of Just New realty had a branched off from Remax a year ago and brought my team with me to open my own company. And things have been going pretty well, 38 transactions last year. I wanted to give you a big update on the Great Falls Virginia real estate market. It’s been a few month since I looked at it this in depth for you and we’re trying to be better each week when the short video blog on the New Listings coming out et cetera. I think this home right here epitomizes what Great Falls Virginia is all about. Some of the most beautiful homes in

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Will 2011 Real Estate Sales Outpace 2010 Gains? 

Economic Indicators Show Promising Real Estate Market Numerous economic reports are giving cause for optimism, particularly when it comes to key economic indicators such as jobless claims and home resales. According to reports, U.S home resales increased by more than anticipated in December, while last week’s new jobless claims fell by more than they have for almost a year. Other positive indicators include the fact that mid-Atlantic factory activity has been holding steady. Due to these factors and many more, economists are feeling optimistic about 2011. In fact, many are predicting that 2011 growth will surpass the growth that was seen in 2010. "Most of the reports today were fairly good.



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Comparing Days on Market Data for Arlington Virginia Zip Codes

Often people contact me to find a home in Arlington Virginia real estate.  Most tend to be focused on school districts or proximity to the orange line metro corridor.  Frequently a question I get is about resale value and how well the homes in that area can be sold later--i.e. how long it will take to sell.  Let's look at that issue taking the average days on market for the past 4 months for the Arlington Virginia homes for sale.

days on market arlington virginia

Where Do Homes Sell Most Quickly in Arlington Real Estate?


Comparing How Fast Homes Sell in Arlington Real Estate Listings

While this is not a sceintific analysis, it legit in that it took 4 months of sales to determine numbers.  It would be better go YTD --

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The Latest and Greatest of Great Falls Virginia real estate market listings

If you're not into reading and viewing the graphs in the earlier blog post on the real estate market in Great Falls Virginia then this quickie video with college football briefly thrown into the mix for good measure will get you up to speed as a consumer and the enonomic forces at play.

Market Udpate Video on Homes for Sale in Great Falls VA





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Great Falls Virginia Real Estate Bumps Up in 2010

Great Falls Virginia homes for sale are the most expensive in Northern Virginia.  There are some amazing estates there.  But it is interesting that just around corner can be a old dilapidated house as well.  But for the most part homes are big and come with lots of a half acre and greater.


The big question is whether all these gains were astroturf--manipulated by the tax credit and very temporary--or real and indicative of a true market shift.  As a broker who mostly works with buyers negotiating prices down I'm a cynic and skeptical.  Each purchase and assessment on homes my clients are interested in is case by case though.  With so many homes under contract I'm not the typical desperate agent, but

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2010 Northern Virginia Real Estate Market Goes Wild



Northern Virginia real estate data for Fairfax, Arlington, Clifton, Alexandria, Falls Church and Vienna

The big picture on Northern Virginia market are the following:

  • months supply is down another 11% to 3.94 months--crazy low! 
Below 5 or 6 and the market is unbalanced.  That is why there are so many multiple offer scenarios when writing contracts to purchase northern virginia homes for sale in Fairfax county area and beyond
  •  DOM (days on market) is down 47%.

It takes about half as long to sell a home than it did a year ago.

  • median sales price is up 7.73% and average sales price is up 10.43% for the area

Arlington Virginia Real Estate homes for sale 2010 market data


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Misc Arlington Condo Prices Bounce Back up 5% from 2009 Odyssey and Continental

Being on the front lines of Arlington Virginia real estate (currently 10 homes under contract as of 4/9/2010) my team has a good feel for cutting edge market trends all over Northern Virginia--especially with the Arlington condo market.  After all we work 95% with buyers so we are constantly anaylzing comps and market data to see what is the most aggressive offer we can make for our buyers and still get a response from the Seller (a counter offer).  And my agents or myself will work with a few buyers in a row dealing with a niche of real estate in terms of location and price range so we know the day a new listing comes on the market if it will sell that week and what it's

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