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Prices Drop 12.5% and 17% for Turnberry Tower Condos for Sale Arlington


Those of you who have followed my blog and humble real estate career for some time know that I sell a lot of new construction condos and am passionate about protecting new construction buyers from overpaying.  I have countless examples of my buyers getting deals much better than other floaters paid on their own by dealing with the builder directly.  In fact if you want to LOSE MONEY go buy a condo directly from a builder.  It's truly one of the stupidest moves a buyer can make--why would a builder be motivated to give you the best price?  This video explains how to leverage the builder's motivations $$$ effectively to your benefit.


Turnberry Tower Prices Dropped

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How Do You Decide How Much to Offer on an Arlington Virginia Condo


Crunching the Numbers on a Clarendon 1021 Condo in Arlington Virginia  -- from $475,00 List Price to a $410,000 offer



Due to technical problems the video is temporarily not showing up correctly so click here to view video on how to decide how much to offer on an Arlington Virginia condo in Clarendon.

More info and changing the price on Clarendon 1021 Condo ....

I received input from the listing agent to the effect that the selling points of the unit are better than I first observed--the patio photo doesn't do it justice:

"a feature that sets this condo apart from any other in the building-the 10x12 private outdoor patio-its connection to the courtyard and gated street

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Plenty of Overpriced Condos in Clarendon, Rosslyn & Ballston in Arlington

Yes it's time for another installment of the overpriced condo series.  I have a feeling there will never be a lack of Arlington condos about which to write.  Homeowners tend to be naturally prone to this disorder--OCD--overpriced condo disorder.  Perhaps that will be our new term as an amateur review just placed this blog at #41 on the most popular real estate blogs in the country.  Not too bad considering there are thousands of them now.  So let's get right to business and try to cure some Sellers of their OCD. 

NOTE: This post contains my personal opinions only and does not reflect the opinion of RE/MAX Allegiance and cannot be taken as advice for your particular situation. 

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More Overpriced Condos in Arlington VA

Yes it's time for another look at the latest and greatest overpriced condos in Arlington along the metro at Clarendon, Rosslyn & Ballston.  I usually lump Courthouse into Clarendon to save ink for what's it's worth.  Literally I get asked about when is my new list coming out.  I just get so busy with business & life and sometimes these articles can take 4+ hours to research and write.  So once in awhile I write them.  I keep writing the series for several reasons.  One reason is to keep myself sharp on the market place.  I like to be able to know off the top of my head when I'm showing condos to my clients whether or

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Overpriced Arlington VA Condos in Clarendon, Ballston, Courthouse & Rosslyn

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[a new overpriced condo listing got emailed to me by my good friend Frank of FranklyRealty.com who is one of smartest realtors I know out there--of course I'm the smartest realtor of all though since a good portion of my readers don't realize that's what I am.  He pointed out a 1BR listing at $499,000 in Clarendon 1021 with 780 square feet #919.  So it's number 8 below on the overpriced condo list.  Anytime any of you are suspicious of overpriced condos send them in and I'll check them out when I can or write me directly.  They have to be very overpriced

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Results of Overpriced Condos in Arlington VA

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For the last 6 months I've picked out occassionally (3 or 4 articles) my picks for the latest overpriced condos in Arlington Virginia focussing on the orange line in Clarendon, Ballston and Rosslyn.  The results are in....

Results of 25 "overpriced" condo picks

  • 11 withdrawn
  • 5 Sold on average 8.3% below asking price (5% below list price is the norm from previous months)
  • 8 Active listings
  • 4 of 8 active listings have dropped their price an average of 5% since original list price
I got almost all of them right.  The unit at 1276 Wayne St I had said needed to be decluttered badly. …
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It's time for a whole new round of overpriced Arlington Virginia Condos in Clarendon & Ballston.  Orange liners have a knack for living in the past in terms of the values of their homes.  Yes there were some crazy-A glory days where you could list that condo and have at least 5 offers coming in all with escalation clauses bidding it up.  It was a brutal market.  It led to my article on How to Win Against Mulitple Offers. 

But now we have a corrected market with equilibrium.  The demand is high, but the seller now has to be reasonable, i.e. price close to market value.  The reason demand is high is because Clarendon is the hottest market in Northern Virginia Real Estate.  Back in Nov. 2006 when the rest of Northern Virginia was experiencing 20% fewer…
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This is one of my favorite regular posts to make...probably each month I find time to do it. There are times showing property when I just have to tell me buyers, "I'm sorry about the price on this one. The owner just doesn't get it. He's still trying to sell his home at the peak price of 2005." Often the investors are the worst about this. Also the FSBOs tend to be guilty as well more often than the regular listings by listing agents. I had compiled this list a few weeks ago but was too busy to post. Since several have been withdrawn, expired or dropped their price. So here's what's left of that list of Clarendon and Arlington Condos and a few newcomers in the last 10 days. And any time search the cutting edge Arlington Virginia MLS by clicking on…
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After reading the article feel free to view the current active listings in our area for these "hot searches"--and you'll find the other articles in the overpriced category to be much more humorous and biting so check out the menu bar to the left to access those other posts on overpriced listings:

  • Clarendon Condos 2BR $400,000-650,000
  • Orange Line Condos 1BR $250,000-480,000

    As I've pointed out in detail before (Arlington VA Condo Prices Must Come Down,) there are new kids on the block such as Odyssey and Clarendon 1021 for Arlington Virginia Condos that now offer large rooftop pools with great views of the monuments and Potomac, large exercise rooms (at least 3x larger than other condos) with multiple tv sets or private TVs on the equipment,

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    As some of have been in touch with me as a result of some of my recent posts in Market Observations for condo Arlington Virginia I thought I'd add some examples of overpriced condos in Arlington Virginia. Here are a few on the orange line to which my original post referred: Arlington VA Condo Prices Must Come Down You'll notice here some of the older condos in Clarendon VA that now are trying to compete with brand new condos that are more conveniently located in most instances. Also older condos do not have the cutting edge ameneties such as huge rooftop deck/pools with views of the monuments & Potomac or LARGE exercise rooms with flat screen TVs, etc. You can get those units in the new buildings for $370+ so why would I pay more than $340 to live…
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