Shell Island Resort Market Update for Investors Wrightsville Beach

Posted by Jay Seville on Wednesday, November 18th, 2015 at 4:48pm.

Shell Island Resort Sold Prices and Analysis

What's up with SIR -- Shell Island Resort-- condo prices?  This video goes into detail with some of the transcript down below.


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Hi, I’m Jay Seville, the top buyer agent for Shell Island Resort Condos in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina.

Real quick, let’s go into the topic, “How is the market? What’s going on with the home values here?” Maybe I should call them investor values at the condo hotel in Wrightsville Beach called Shell Island Resort. 

I’m going to use my main website as an example. The map here is really good, you zoom in. Seeall the listings on one page. But when you do click ona listing, it does give you some extra information as a consumer that is very helpful and it’s not found on any of the websites in the region.

 And that is, if you scroll down at the bottom, and you will get recent solds in the building or in the neighborhood, there's four recent solds in Shell Island Resort. And it’s nice as a consumer just to have that extra information.

 So, let’s head over to a different tab. There might be a little pause here and let’s look at some of the market analysis.

All right. So what I’ve done – in case you are just catching this after delay – what I’ve got here are – is market data information or graph comparing the last two years in Shell Island Resort. We’re going to compare the lowerend floors, that’s the blue column versus the higher floors, the red column.The lower floors are floors two through four, the higher floors are, of course, seven through nine.

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