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Clarendon Condo Sales Explode and Prices do the "Spring Bump"

I write regularly about how the best time to buy...if the home you want it avail is mid-Nov to end of January as the prices go up in the Spring.  That trend for Arlington Virginia condos has begun.


If you generically google "best time of the year to buy a condo" a piece I wrote about 5 years ago is still #2 in the search results.  Cool.

# of Pending Clarendon Condo Contracts Jumps Bigtime


So condos under contract have gone from 24 to 52 from February 2012 to March 2012.  Most contracts I've written and negotiated for buyers in Arlington VA have involved multiple offers against competing buyers.  This is why it is critical to have an agent that knows how to win against competing offers. 

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Market Update on Clarendon Condos for Sale in Arlington Virginia


Details on Arlington VA condo Market Trends-- Prices in Rosslyn Clarendon and Ballston



For the classic Ultimate Guide to Buying a Clarendon Condo in Arlington click here 

Jay Seville:  Hi, I’m Jay, the owner of Just New Listings.com realty. And I thought I’ll give you an update on the Arlington, Virginia condo market and particular, in particular the Orange Line, the Ballston, Clarendon Courthouse, Rosslyn Orange Line condo niche. Now if you Google Arlington, Virginia condos, I’m number one and if you Google something even more nichey such as Clarendon condos Arlington real estate, I’m probably number one, two and three in Google as I also have the other website,…
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Inventory for Clarendon and Ballston Condos in Arlington Virginia Dries Up

The inventory for the more sought after Clarendon condos for sale has dried up to the point of it being a surreal experience for a buyer agent or buyer in the marketplace.  It is crazy frustrating if you're looking to buy now on the orange line and are shooting for any "good" condo especially for the more sought after buildings.  I work mostly with buyers and half of that are Clarendon area condos; I've never seen such low inventory before that I can recall. 

moving_clarendon_condo_198  Surreal real estate situation bizarre_home_500

Current Inventory for Orange Line Condos in Arlington VA


So there are only 2 listings for the more sought after Arlington condos at 880 Pollard--the hawthorne condo and 1021 Garfield St N

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Arlington Virginia Condos and Real Estate = Huge Upsurge in Sales Buyers and Seller Agree on Values


Quick Summary of Market Data for 2009 Arlington Homes Sales

  • # of transactions up dramatically Oct-Nov
  • DOM -- days on market down significantly for Arlington condos and homes for sale
  • # of active listings--inventory--drops significantly
  • all equals robust market to finish out 2009
  • average sale price as a percentage of list price jumped from 92-95% meaning the buyers and sellers are on the same page now more than ever the past few years on the value of the homes for sale

 Days on Market Drop Significantly for 2009 Arlington Real Estate for Sale


Another observation is that the average list price for Oct-Nov comparing 2009 to 2008 is down 7%. 

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Plenty of Overpriced Condos in Clarendon, Rosslyn & Ballston in Arlington

Yes it's time for another installment of the overpriced condo series.  I have a feeling there will never be a lack of Arlington condos about which to write.  Homeowners tend to be naturally prone to this disorder--OCD--overpriced condo disorder.  Perhaps that will be our new term as an amateur review just placed this blog at #41 on the most popular real estate blogs in the country.  Not too bad considering there are thousands of them now.  So let's get right to business and try to cure some Sellers of their OCD. 

NOTE: This post contains my personal opinions only and does not reflect the opinion of RE/MAX Allegiance and cannot be taken as advice for your particular situation. 

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Recently I received a request for a CMA (competitive market analysis) for a condo in Arlington Virginia.  I was mega busy and did not respond for a good 5 days which is a no no in the Web 2.0 world of Arlington real estate.  Juggling several contracts, an out of town buyer, flat tire, continuing ed, taxes and 3 soon to be 4 kids can do that to you exhaustion in arlington Days later I see the condo listed by another real estate agent.  That's not the end of the world on my end, but I do feel badly for the seller.

Selling Your Arlington Condo--the Good, the Bad & the Ugly

Here are some tips for selecting an agent to sell your condo in Arlington--especially in the clarendon, ballston, courthouse and rosslyn areas. 

  • pretend you're the buyer.  What's your first step in
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 Thinking about a condo, read the Ultimate Guide for Buying Condos in Clarendon & Ballston.

More Overpriced Condos in Arlington VA

Yes it's time for another look at the latest and greatest overpriced condos in Arlington along the metro at Clarendon, Rosslyn & Ballston.  I usually lump Courthouse into Clarendon to save ink for what's it's worth.  Literally I get asked about when is my new list coming out.  I just get so busy with business & life and sometimes these articles can take 4+ hours to research and write.  So once in awhile I write them.  I keep writing the series for several reasons.  One reason is to keep myself sharp on the market place.  I like to be able to know off the top of my head when I'm showing condos to my clients whether or

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Do Floaters Pay too Much for their Condos or Real Estate?

In putting together a new overpriced condominium list I came across the sale of a Clarendon / Courthouse area condo on my previous list I wrote in the Summer 2007.  Most of you know I sell a lot of condos--yes I'm a realtor--and pride myself on protecting my client's interests.  Too bad this buyer didn't have a rockin' consultant  looking out for him.  And it's too bad the buyer wasn't reading my blog....pain of overpaying for condomium

Back in July 2007 I posted this article: Latest Overpriced Condos in Clarendon, Courthouse and Ballston -- V.  I try to write these articles semi-regularly; it's just that I'm pretty busy with a lot business, family trips, 4 kids, etc.   So I've just pulled up a new round of overpriced…
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Phoenix at Clarendon Metro Condo Delivers Big Time

[note--if you're interested in viewing this building contact me asap and read this article Don't Be a Floater--Buyer Loses $40,000]

After spending a couple of hours at The Phoenix at Clarendon Metro condo I must say it is an impressive condominium.  The Phoenix Condo is shaking things up because it is better than most of the new buildings out there.  Just like 1800 Wilson--a building I liked--which is down to their last 8 2BR units, it will sell consistently through the Spring 2008 and then they'll be all gone.

I'm putting it as my #2 favorite condo now right behind Odyssey.  It has some great features lacking by most buildings including its own Clarendon post office attached to the

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Phoenix Condo Drama in Clarendon Continues.  Is This Opportunity???

Early purchasers in the Phoenix Condo contacted me several months ago with complaints about prices and quality of construction and now about half are trying to get out of their contracts.  The original article on this subject after several owners reached out to me for advice on extricating themselves from their contracts while not forfeiting their initial 5% deposits of $20,000+ is here:  Sun Sets on the Phoenix Condo at Noon. 

phoenix condo near clarendon

At that time the buyer referred to below, Joetta, had written me a long email to post that I later removed by the request of she and her attorney.  Here's the most recent update on it from this article in the Washington Business Journal:


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