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Save $100s on Moving Supplies and Boxes for Northern Virginia and Fairfax Area Consumers

 I recently saved about 66% on my own move with a new home I purchased.  It was a roller coaster short sale ride of a lifetime that went on from February to June 2009.  I had moved just 11 months earlier and it was expensive.  I found the ultimate resource for Northern Virginia moving supplies and boxes-- a business called Better Buy Boxes.  Here's there website


Better Buy Boxes for Virginia Fairfax County Boxes Moving Supplies

The regular retail for a book box is $5.00 versus $1.25 at Better Buy Boxes and I even got some used book boxes for .88 cents.  Compare that with what the moving company Unified Moving Services, LLC of Maryland and

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Are you one of those busy types in Clarendon, Fairfax County or Washington DC who often has their voicemail get lost for 2-3 days before you realize there was an important message in there?  If so then CallWave is likely the answer you\'ve been waiting for.  I first heard about it from a fellow real estate blogger Daniel Odio in his post You Can Read Your Voicemail...Using CallWave.

I've decided to add a more stuff to this blog.  Until now I've been pretty disciplined with it being 100% real estate focussed.  Well if it\'s 95% real estate focus I doubt I'll lose many fans.  In the process of the last 2 years and building a 200 page website I've come across some great techie stuff that many people would love to know about.  And I've decided to share the

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