Ultimate Guide for Buying Clarendon Condos for Sale in Arlington VA--Listings, Prices & Advice

Posted by Jay Seville on Wednesday, March 19th, 2008 at 11:28am.

The Clarendon Real Estate Listings in Arlington VA by Condo Building

For people considering a purchaser please read my articles for buyers in our market.  It will equip you and is being added to regularly.  And if you are thinking about selling your home this article is imperative with examples of virtual tours, anecdotes, and cold hard facts: Sellers Don't Hire Amateurs to Sell Your Arlington Condo or even better the new Sellers page showing real estate 3.0 and sample virtual tours and info on the discounted commissions for more exposure.

NOTE:  [October 2009--I'm redoing this post and will update the numbers and include a -5% type of insert on the main title for each condo to demonstrate how much the market value changed since March 2008.]

The real estate market for orange line condos in Clarendon, Ballston, Courthouse and  Rosslyn has traditionally--at least the past 6 years or so--been the hottest condo market of Northern Virginia.  Most of you are well aware of the hipness factor  of the urban village of  Clarendon with its shiny condos, movie theaters, restaurants, bars retail galore and instant access to county services buildings.  And what is great about the Clarendon condo market in Arlington VA is that there is something for everyone.  One can get 1BRs for less than $250,000 or buy into a luxury building such as the Wooster and Mercer Lofts where the 1BR were selling for nearly $700,000.  The latter affords the chance to put a jacuzzi on your terrace smiley in arlington whereas the former means you go into the basement to use the community washer and dryer. sad face about condos in clarendon 

Perfect is the enemy of good a mentor once told me so it is with that truth that I'm posting this article even though it is not complete.  This is a first for me and not comfortable.  But with so many new visitors from the Washington Post this weekend I thought it a judicious move to get the info out there.  If you're really looking into buying a condo then here is a short summary of great condo buying articles for arlington condos on the orange line.

Clarendon Condos in Arlington Virginia real estate
1. 1800 Wilson 8. Hawthorne
15. Turnberry Tower
2. Belvedere 9. Lexington Square
16. Williamsburg
3. Cambridge Courts
 10. Odyssey
17.  Windsor Plaza
4. Charleston Condo
 11. Station Square
18. Woodbury Heights
5. Clarendon 1021
 12.  The Hartford
19. Wooster and Mercer Lofts
6. Colonial Village
 13. Phoenix at Clarendon Metro
7. Courthouse Hill
14. Residences at Liberty Center




And here is a quick recap of the Arlington real estate market comparing 2007 to 2006:

2007 stats for arlington county real estate

As you can see the Arlington market has been quite resilient regardless of the national news media irresponsible reports that never mention how hyperlocal real estate is as far as individual consumers are concerned....If you're thinking about buying a condo fill out the contact form for the best buyer representation to protect your $$$.

Comps for 1800 Wilson, Belvedere, Cambridge Courts, Charleston Condo and Clarendon 1021

1. 1800 Wilson: 1800 Wilson Blvd 22201  -3% [since march 2008 as of October 2009]

    a) 1BRs in the 1800 Wilson condo have been going for $360,000-375,000 the past few months (in 2009)

    b) 2BR/2BA have been selling for $510-515,000ish.  The larger units with 1254 square feet are worth significantly more.

2. Belvedere: 1600 N Oak St 22209 +2%

    a) 1BR are now down to $330-385,000--depends on how renovated it is and the view.  Most are about $350,000ish.For smaller sq ft like 670 they sell below $350,000 and for the 800-900 sq ft they are $375,000-395,000

    b) 2BR/2BA These Belvedere condominium units vary widely depending on the variables.  A "grandma house" can be under $500,000s whereas most units 1100-1250 sq ft  are worth $510,000-590,000 (the latter is for completely renovated units with views).  1430 sq ft can sell for $580,000-657,000.  One did close that high in May 2009.

    c) the units that are just 1050 sq ft are also just $470,000-495,000 usually.

3.  Cambridge Courts Condo -15% for 1BRs but the 2BRs are just -3% from March 2008

    a) The 1BR are selling for $235,000-260,000 depending.

    b) 2BR most recently sold for $290,000-315,000 come with 750 sq. ft.  The upper units have soaring ceilings and these come with washers and dryers in the units.  Cambridge Courts is the closest condominium community to Clarendon that offers washers/dryers in the units for this price.

However I believe the value of these had dipped since the previous sale and are now worth about $300,000ish....

4. Charleston Condo 2400 Clarendon Blvd 22201  0%

    a) The 1BR at Charleston Condominium are large with 760 sq. ft.  are generally worth about $360,000-380,000 now.

    b) The 1BR+ dens are going for $390-410,000.  It's one of the best buys for that 1BR+den niches.  One of my other favorites for that is the Continental in Ballston. 

    c) The 2BR/2BA the most recent sold for $535,000 but some may go below $500,000--it's just that there have not been any other solds this year.

5. Clarendon 1021  1021 N Garfield St -2%

The numbers on this building vary widely with various floorplans and views.  But I'll try to give you a general idea of its Arlington VA real estate scenarios.

    a)  Generally the 1BRs (750 sq ft) on lower levels are worth $350-370,000s and on the higher floors in the $370,000-390,000s.  So the $5000/floor floor that some listing agents spew out to justify their overpriced condos is crap. There are been some smokin' deals where short sales and foreclosures closed at $300,000-

    b)   the 1BR+ dens at Clarendon 1021 are up in the air right now.  Some closed for $410-430,000ish about a year ago.

    c) 2BR/2BA This is where the building gets tricky.  $480,000-630,000ish depending on square footage (mostly 1100-1300).  There are even larger units worth more.  Most regular 2/2s in the building are about $515-535,000.

Here are some active listings in Clarendon 1021

6. Colonial Village -3%

For buyers of real estate who do not need to have a washer/dryer Colonial Village condo in Arlington VA is a "money saver".  I love money savers.  Values tend to be tried and true.  The community is historical and protected.   I don't think I've ever seen a piece of trash on the grounds--many cute courtyards that are well manicured
    a) 1BRs go for $250,000-290,000.  The great majority are worth 260s, but there smaller units with less than 600 sq.ft can go as low as $245-265,000.  One very upgraded unit sold for $294,000.

    b) 2BR units have been selling for $320,000-340,000 depending on its charm factor and square footage.  Most units have 820 or 785 sq. ft. 

Courthouse Hill, Hawthorne, Lexington Square, Odyssey, Station Square, The Hartford, Phoenix at Clarendon, Residences at Liberty Center

7. Courthouse Hill +2%

    a) 1BRs are valued at $340,000-370,000 now. 

    b) 2BR /2BA are $450-500,000 depending. 

    c) 3BR/3BA can be worth $650,000 (1430 sq ft) and the 3BR/2BA about $600ish (1370 sq ft)

8. Hawthorne 820 N Pollard St -8% on 2BRs (based on many buyers who overpaid directly from builder or lamo buyer agents they had instead of the JustNewListings.com team.  

    a) 1BR have been selling for $345,000-375,000 (top floor).

    b).2/2 1100-1250 sq ft are worth $470-520,000.  Generally about $505,000 (the justnewlistings.com team got our buyer into 1250 sq ft for $476,000-a bit of luck and a lot of aggressiveness on our part)

2BR/2BA As is often the case with new construction condos the numbers are all over the place--$500,000 to $590,000 depending on square footage and whether or not the buyer had an aggressive selling agent (buyer agent) when they made their purchase.  Some buyers paid $40,000 more for the same unit.  I wrote about "floaters" awhile ago--condo buyers who walk into sales offices without a battle hardened real estate consultant by their side.  I regularly save buyers $10,000 to $70,000 when buying a home including with builders.  Or I advise against buying in a building all together for various reasons. 

9. Lexington Square 3830 9th St N 22203 -- this unit made my top 6 older condos list

top 6 older arlington condominiums

I crossed out Astoria even though it's a big money saver due to the duck tape carpets being there for the last 6 months in the lobby 1st floor area.  Also the carpets should have been replaced long ago....If you can handle that just for location then you should definitely consider it.  But until it gets back to classy it's off the list  annoyed face

    a) The 1BRs of 620 sq ft are selling for $320,000-340,000.  they peaked around $400,000 so the correction from the 2005 peak  is probably over.   However a super renovated unit sold for $373,00.  -1%

    b) The 2BRs are worth $410,000-445,000 as of the writing of this article with lots of comps to support it for smaller 900-1000 sq ft units.  The larger units are $475,000-500,000 (1250 sq ft)--mostly 485,000 for that larger size.

    c) The 1BR+dens at Lexington Square are selling for $370,000-385,000.  -8%

10. Odyssey 2001 15th St N 22201  Most of you reading this blog regularly know that this is my favorite "regular" condo in Northern Virginia real estate and Arlington VA.  I say regular because the coolest condominium of all is without a doubt the Mercer and Wooster Lofts but those were in a different class altogether with 1BRs for $700,000.  Enough said.

    a)  1BRs are selling for $330,000-375,000 depending on the floor.  Most units are 720 sq. ft.  The larger 800-850 sq. ft. units go for --well it's up in the air as there have been no sales.

    b) 2BRs 2BAs vary widely in price due to different scenarios Odyssey condominium offers.  Some units are "standard" with about 950-1050 sq. ft. and are worth about $520,000-540,000.  If you go up from there platinum units 10th floor and higher with highly upgraded kitchens also sell for $600,000ish. 

11. Station Square 1205 N Garfield St N 22201  -5%

station square condo in clarendon

This building is also in the top condos list for Arlington just 2 blocks to metro and a 2 level pool that waterfalls from the upper to lower pool.  Residents get a big discount at the new Gold's Gym on the same block.

    a) 1BRs are selling for $350,000-380,000 generally -5%

    b) 1BR+den comp at $440-460,000 (900 sq ft) These 1BR+dens have held value very well since March 2008

    c) 2BR/2BA  sell from $500,000-520,000 for sq ft of 980-1050 sq ft.  1100 sq ft are $530,000ish.  It is absolutely critical in buying in this building that you have a battle hardened negotiator on your side--like myself.  It is a complicated building with widely ranging prices and it would be easy to overpay here.

    d) oversized 2BRs 1300-1450 sq. ft vary from $605,000-635,000. -10

12. The Hartford 1200 N Hartford St 22201  Just 1 block to Clarendon metro and a solidly built building.

    a) 1BR sell for $350-360,00ish--ACTUALLY MOST RECENT SALE IS $375,000  That's +3% in Sept 2009
    b) 2BR/2BA with smaller sq ft (925) sell for $480-500,000 ish [no sales in 2009 to work with]
    c) 2/2 with 1100 sq ft. sell for $520,00ish. [no sales in 2009 to work with]

13. Phoenix at Clarendon Metro 1020 N Highland St with built in retail and a post office delivered in 2007.

    a) 1BR range depending from $365,000-410,000 [no sales in 2009 to work with]
    b) 1BR+den are generally worth $410,000 (short sale)-$450,000.
    c) 2BR/2BA These are mostly worth $480-515,000 up to 1100 sq ft.  [leftover notes from the March 2008 original in which I made the point you shouldn't go buy from a builder directly] However you should take a buyer agent with you.  I got a reckless driving ticket a couple years ago for speeding on 495 79 (mph) --I know I'm a terrible person.  Did I go in to the court representing myself or did I get a lawyer who had working knowledge and relationships with the different judges?  My lawyer knew which judges to skip and which one to come forward with for the best deal.  I paid my fine and it was a hassle but it could have been much worse if I had gone in on my own and ended up in front of one of the wrong judges. 

Also I will say there is a vested interest to keep the best deals for a few selling agents (buyer agents) because that way only a limited #of buyer agents know the real values versus the general public or agents.  Think about it and call me when you're ready to buy.


 14. Residences at Liberty Center 

    a) the 1BRs are worth $345000-375,000.

    b) oversized 1BRs are up to $400,000

    c) 1BR+dens are $415-430,000

    d) 2/2 are $500,000

    e) the larger units there are 1250 sq ft+ can be overpriced and one needs to be careful

Turnberry Towers, Williamsburg, Windsor Plaza, Woodbury Heights, Wooster and Mercer Lofts

15.  Turnberry Towers 

16. Williamsburg 1276 N Wayne St -7%

williasmburg condo arlington courthouse

This made #1 on my top older condos list.  It is a classy building with an excellent location and solid amentities.  The Williamsburg condo delivers value with good square footage for the price in the area.  They almost always show well but many of them bring awesome views to the table as well.  Usually they have all white kitchens that are wide open with huge countertops.  Large closets are also part of the standard floor plan along with jetted tubs.

    a) 1BR are worth $340,000-380,000 depending on floor and sq ft.

    b) 1BR+den with 1 BA come with over 1000 sq. ft. and a separate dining area are worth $430,000 depending on views and which floor it's on

    c) 2BR/2BA units at Williamsburg Condominium are generally worth $500,000-$530,000.  Although one sold mega cheap for a net of $450,000 and stood out like a sore thumb--no explanation.  So the floors and views matter.

    d) and there are some larger units that are now worth about $600,000 that used to be worth $50,000-100,000 more  -15%

17. Windsor Plaza 1050 N Taylor St and 1045 N Utah St Arlington, VA 22201  On the top condos list for older buildings.  Windsor Plaza has a nice pool/patio area and the units on the 1st floor come with an extra 150-250 sq. ft. of patio area where one can put patio furniture.  If one does not mind being on the 1st floor this is a great bonus value.

    a) The 1BR units sell for $315,000-340,000 for 640-720 sq. ft.  Smaller units with just 500 sq. ft. can be as low as $280,000  -3%

    b) The 2BR/2BA sell for $410,000-435,000.  There may be larger units that sell for more.

    c) the 1bR+den are probably worth under $400,000 even though 2 are listed active for 425,000 now. 

18. Woodbury Heights 1301 N Courthouse Rd Is an older building in a prime location.  Some of the units have nice views with lots of lights.  My big gripe is that this building is in desperate need of a makeover.  The hallways are literally depressing they are so dark and grim....

    a) The 1BR are worth about $310-325,000. 

    b) The 2/2 vary depending on square footage.  The 1100 sq ft are worth about $430,000.

19. Wooster and Mercer Lofts: 1600 Clarendon Blvd  These are in a class by themselves.  Maybe Turnberry towers will have the same level of finishes???  I'll believe it when I see it.  For now these are the most luxurious, high end condos around.  Their one bedrooms are sold out which show the demand was there for this upper end condo at which the 1BRs were for sale in the upper $600,000s.

Here are some photos and if you'd like to view them contact me to set up the appt.

wooster and mercer condo living room

penthouse wooster and mercer lofts

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Lindsay wrote: Thanks, Jay. Any word on the Palatine condo project? A few days ago their website was "down" and now it says it is under construction, and there's no mention of the Palatine anywhere on Monument Realty's website.

Posted on Friday, April 25th, 2008 at 9:58am.

Jay Seville wrote: Isn't that the one on Taft? If so I thought it was going condo, then they were staying rental? I don't know--if it's on taft they changed their minds on the future of the building at least once. one of my clients was living there and they told him he had to move. Then they wanted him to stay later as they were remaining rental. So I don't know.

this I do know, do NOT go into any new construction without an aggressive agent on your side from the beginning. For a great article on that:


Posted on Friday, April 25th, 2008 at 10:01am.

Lindsay wrote: No, you're thinking of the Prime. The Palatine is on N. Troy street, I believe, and I just got word that it has indeed gone rental.

Posted on Tuesday, April 29th, 2008 at 2:58pm.

Jay Seville wrote: There you go. It's not like there's 1000s of new condos being built in N Arlington anymore. There is the Vista across from the Park at Courthouse both of which I have concerns about along with the Residences at Liberty Center that just delivered. I think that's about it? Phoenix is on it's way to selling out---a lot of the best units are gone.

And I need to add Phoenix to my top condos list--I had left it out when I wrote that blog post about a year ago since I had not been inside it yet.


Posted on Tuesday, April 29th, 2008 at 3:02pm.

Leo wrote: Jay,
do you have any idea for what Liberty Center condos are selling compared to their listed prices?

Posted on Wednesday, April 30th, 2008 at 11:45am.

Jay Seville wrote: Great question. I showed it 2 weeks ago and took photos while there. The place shines and I do have some opinions/insights. Right now I'm reserving them for my clients, leo. I will stress again this article:

If you're thinking about buying a condo and want the best deal then contact me.

Posted on Wednesday, April 30th, 2008 at 12:26pm.

Leo wrote: Just was wondering why there is such a huge discrepancy between the selling price of the large 2-bedrooms from Phoenix (1335 sq. ft.) on the county website --- they go for $665k+, and your estimate of the 515-550k for the same units. Either you have some really strong leverage with the developer/seller or there is a typo...
If you have such a leverage then i would definitely call you.

Posted on Sunday, May 4th, 2008 at 9:19am.

Jay Seville wrote: Leo, excellent observation and I'm correcting that. I messed up by not differentiating more the different size units.

Many people have paid $665,000 for the 1335 units. I can do MUCH better for a buyer than that.

If you're searching for truth call me and give me 2 minutes of your time: 703-624-3270. I have more leverage than anyone as I've saved them probably $100,000s in commissions. My buyer of a bedroom and den (under contract) just got the best deal there on record....


Posted on Sunday, May 4th, 2008 at 9:23am.

Jay Seville wrote: \r\nI have been unable to find any information on 880 pollard st. I would appreciate any thoughts/experience you have.\r\n\r\n--Therese

Posted on Saturday, May 10th, 2008 at 9:26pm.

Richard wrote: Do you have any opinion on the Townhomes at The Vista on Courthouse?

Posted on Wednesday, June 4th, 2008 at 9:34am.

Jay Seville wrote: Richard, I tried to answer this for you at the other blog so I\'ll paste it here:\r\n\r\n\"No. However if I researched it and analyzed them I would have a lot to say--but I\'ll only do that for a client. Read this article and thread for buyers and then contact me if you want me on your side, otherwise you might be like other people described in this article: http://www.justnewlistings.com/arlington-virginia-blog/jay-seville/ouch-buyer-lost-40000-dont-be-a-floater-dude/show/ http://www.justnewlistings.com/arlington-virginia-blog/tags/buyers/ \r\n\" \r\nor maybe not? \r\n\r\nNever approach new constructions on your own....It\'s not in a builder\'s interest to give their best prices to \"floaters\", since they can wait for another one to wander in and pay the price they are looking for. It is in the best interest to work with several key agents who bring multiple buyers to them and give them the best deals. If you google \"Arlington Virginia condos\" or \"clarendon condos\" I rank #1 & #2. I\'m one of the key agents builders work with. Or google \"clarendon townhouses\"....\r\n

Posted on Wednesday, June 4th, 2008 at 9:42am.

Jon wrote: Great analysis. Really appreciate you putting the information into one package. My one complaint is that it was a little hard finding a date for this posting. Going by the prices it seems recent at least of this posting (Jun \\\'08). However that little extra would have helped.\\r\\n\\r\\nI have to say that I\\\'m a little shocked at the price of 1800 Wilson. Granted it is a new building. However the location is not particularly convenient to any metro, at least in comparison to its competition. The same price can get me right at Clarendon or Rosslyn. 1800 Wilson occupies a strange middle-ground between Courthouse and Rosslyn with a 10 minute walk to either.\\r\\n\\r\\nAlso surprised that Belvedere 1-bedrooms are going for 330-350 right now. When I was last looking in January \\\'08 and in the summer of 2007 I remember most of their 1 bedrooms in the 375k price range. Granted, the economy, the real estate market, etc. etc. However that is a significant year on year drop IMO

Posted on Wednesday, June 11th, 2008 at 4:24pm.

Jay Seville wrote: Yeah I\'ve got to get a date on these for people. I\'m planning on updating it on a regular basis. I need to put a note in my planner to modify it every 6 months or so....

Posted on Wednesday, June 11th, 2008 at 4:26pm.

alex wrote: Hey there...! Your article is very nice.. I think i got some new info.... keep it up. Thanks, ================== Alex Addiction Recovery Virginia

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Jay Seville wrote: Alex, when it's time to move forward with your RE purchase, contact my team for aggressive representation. I have a guy buying a unit now at pentagon Ridge $40,000 than other buyers paid.... Jay

Posted on Friday, July 25th, 2008 at 8:47am.

Drew wrote: Jay, you seem like you know what you're doing and you definitely have an enthusiasm for this stuff. How do you dump an agent you've been working with for a while who just isn't going the extra mile? I feel like we're dating at this point... I don't want to have the "its not you its me" chat. What do you suggest? Drew

Posted on Thursday, August 14th, 2008 at 3:00pm.

Park at Courthouse Tenant wrote: For those of you who may still be in the market, just wanted to get the word out that the Park At Courthoues does not have a condo board at this time and is still under the control of the builder (Bush Construction). As a tenant in the building, it has been a nightmare, from the lack of response due to security issues to them trying to force tenants to remove their dogs. Management sent out a memo late in 2008 stating that all dogs over 15 inches must be removed from the building. However, condo documents stipulate no such size restriction, only that small domestic animals such as cats and dogs may be in the building. Several new tenants report being told that there were no restrictions of any sort when they put in their contract. They offered no grandfather clause for the pets that already live in the building, just that owners must get rid of them. Attempts to meet with the builder have proven futile as he won't return calls or emails and uses the building manager as his filter. A new building manager has taken over as of this week and has yet to introduce himself. This is a poorly run building, and the tenants are itching for the 2 year mark (when they will be able to sit on the board and have a voice) to come in October of 2009. DO NO BUY INTO THIS BUILDING.

Posted on Wednesday, March 18th, 2009 at 1:25pm.

Scott wrote: Jay, any thoughts on Turnberry Towers? What have you heard about how sales are going, how the building turned out (I've heard great things). Thanks.

Posted on Tuesday, December 29th, 2009 at 3:41pm.

Rare Occurence -- Personal Address by JustNewListings.com Team for Arlington Condos and Northern Virginia Real Estate wrote: [...]But it does show the mentality of the JustNewListings.com team--to protect you the buyer.Ultimate Guide for Buying a Clarendon Ballston Condo -- a breakdown of the main Clarendon and Ballston condos by # of bedrooms and what the real values[...]

Posted on Wednesday, December 30th, 2009 at 7:27am.

Laura wrote: Thank you, the information you provided is a great start. Do you have information on condos with the best HOA fees?

Posted on Monday, February 15th, 2010 at 3:40pm.

parksedgeparkcity wrote: Yes, the information is definitely a good beginning, but I have the same question as Laura does above.

Posted on Tuesday, June 15th, 2010 at 10:35am.

Rare Occurence -- Personal Address by JustNewListings.com Team for Arlington Condos and Northern Virginia Real Estate wrote: [...]But it does show the mentality of the JustNewListings.com team--to protect you the buyer.Ultimate Guide for Buying a Clarendon Ballston Condo -- a breakdown of the main Clarendon and Ballston condos by # of bedrooms and what the real values[...]

Posted on Tuesday, July 20th, 2010 at 1:33pm.

Ginny Crandall wrote: Jay, thanks for the information. It's interesting to see how the market fluctuates, especially the new construction. I haven't bought my first home yet, but I'm sure that when I do, I will hire a good buying agent to help me out. I want to get the best deal on my home!

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