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Hitler Receives Lowball Offer on His Clarendon 1021 Condo for Sale

The Future of Selling Homes is Organically Bringing Buyers and Sellers Together for Less Than 6%

The future on the listing side of real estate is helping buyers and sellers connect more efficiently for lower commissions based on the realities that much of the fluff in real estate such as photos in the newspaper or open houses are nothing but fluff to deceive the Seller into thinking the listing agent is earning the 6% commission.  

The irony is that most of the agents that charge this much offer nothing but 20th century methods of selling  your home combined with pathetic virtual tours/presentations of your home.  C'mon consumers!  Demand excellence!!!

Real Estate 3.0 Demonstrated As It Relates to Listing Your Home

"it's like when you log into Amazon and there are suggested books and products for you to purchase or consider."


Standard Virtual Tours by Listing Agents versus My Virtual Tours for Home/Condo Sellers

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My Virtual Tours of Your Home


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